Demons on the Loose.

*The category of my fanfiction is going to be concentrated on Demons.*

In a world where humans are at peace and have nothing to fear. Until demons appeared in 4 corners of the world in search of delicious blood to feed on. But, the demons are looking for one specific person...Alexa Lionhart. The freaky part is...Demons were already living in the human world.


21. Chapter 21.

  I wasn't afraid of the King's men or the King himself. The only thing I feared was for my father's life being on the line to make me give up. And I would take my life to protect my father's life. I watched the men closely as they started to close up on me.

  "Give up boy," The King smiled evilly, "You won't win this."

  "Greg!" Father yelled to me, "Run while you still can! Please!"

  But, I couldn't leave. My heart and mind wanted to, but my body and soul said no. I cannot leave father alone, fighting this psychopath! And I promised mum and Niall that I would bring father home and we'll be a family again.

  "No!" I yelled at him, "We're a family! And no family gets left behind, no matter what the situation is. We go through it, we pain through it and we fight through it as a family. I promised Mum and Niall that I will bring you home safe and sound."

  Father gave me a sad look as a small, warm smile came across mine with tears in my eyes. I could see in his light red eyes, tears starting to produce as well. All of a sudden, I saw my father's expression changed. I looked to his stomach and saw a sword in his stomach.

  'No...,' I thought as tears came down, 'Not father...'

  "You had your back open and forgot I was still here." The King smiled evilly, holding the sword in father's stomach, "Pathetic. Next one to die is your SON."

  "D-Do not t-t-touch any o-of m-my b-b-boys..," Father said, coughing out blood.

  Suddenly, I started killing the soldiers who surrounded me as something else was taking control of my body. I couldn't control myself. My blood boiled anger, my mind exploded into a million pieces, my heart shattered, Greg was no longer me. I was someone else.

  "NO ONE TOUCHES MY FATHER!!" I yelled with a deep voice.

  All of a sudden, I dashed to the King and father with a sword in my hand. The King threw father's helpless body to the ground and tried to get his sword when mine went through his heart. He stood, frozen with his eyes behind me.

 "This one is for father!" I yelled.

  I took the sword out and started scratching that dead body of the King. I didn't care if I became a monster, I had to do it for father. Finally, I regained control of myself and looked over to father's body, which was laid without moving a muscle. I ran over to him, kneeling next to him and holding him tightly to my body.

  "Father," I cried, "Please don't die on me! I'll bring you home and heal you and-"

  "Gregory..." Father said, softly, "D-Don't try to save m-me...M-My time has already c-c-come to an end.. L-Live y-y-y-our life without m-me. I'll be watching y-you, N-N-Niall and your m-m-mum."

  "No father!

  I watched father's eyes slowly closing. I started to scream his name, but he couldn't stop himself. He put a small smile with tears strolling down his cheeks before closing his eyes completely and laying lifeless in my arms. I couldn't help, but scream and cry.

  *A week later.*

  Everyone in town held a funeral for father's death. Sophia stayed by my mum's side as she cried, watching her husband being walked down to his burial site with sad horns playing. People cried and bowed to owe their respects to father. And where was I during this time? Sitting alone, away from the site.

  'This was all me fault...!' I thought, crying.

  I didn't want to face all those people after what happened. It was all my fault that father died. I couldn't even face mum when I had to tell her that father was killed. I looked at my hands as they shook uncontrollably. I couldn't stop shaking, nor could I stop crying.

  'I hate this...!'

  Suddenly, I heard footsteps behind. As I turned, I saw a shadow hiding behind a tree and before I could say anything, the person came out from behind the tree and revealed who it was. And it was Niall. His sad, childish look made me even feel more guilty than I did before, making me look away from him.

 'I can't deal with this guilt anymore..!!'

 All of a sudden, I felt smallish arms wrap themselves around my chest and hug me tight as they rested their head on my left shoulder. I looked to see Niall, hugging and resting his head on me with tears slowly streaming down his eyes. Usually, Niall never cries, even at a time like this. But, why now?

  "When I'm old enough," He said, sniffling, "I will train to get revenge for father."

 *End of Flashback.*

  Whenever I think of that day, 10 years ago, I'd want to cry. I still blame myself for what happened to father. I don't care what people say, it will always be myself. But, now I'm a father and I won't let that happen to me. I won't let Denise and Theo suffer.

  "Sir!" On man yelled, looking at me, "There's Greg Horan!"

  'Shit..!' I thought.

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