Demons on the Loose.

*The category of my fanfiction is going to be concentrated on Demons.*

In a world where humans are at peace and have nothing to fear. Until demons appeared in 4 corners of the world in search of delicious blood to feed on. But, the demons are looking for one specific person...Alexa Lionhart. The freaky part is...Demons were already living in the human world.


19. Chapter 19.

  I could feel my heart, breaking, my blood boiling in anger. I didn't have any control of my own body. I felt like someone else was in control. I was losing it. I was going crazy. Just seeing Alexa in the arms of Darren made my blood boil like hell.

  "HOW DARE YOU!" I yelled at Darren, pissed, "SET HER FREE THIS INSTANT!" 

  Darren just laughed as he walked over to her. I could see in Alexa's eyes that she was terrified as if she saw something that scarred her. She wanted to cry, but she was trying to be strong. I couldn't read her face, but Greg was raging because his eyes changed to the darkest purple out there.


  Right away, my eyes changed to dark purple which meant I was beyond pissed. I looked to Darren, bloody pissed as Alexa had tears streaming down her cheeks. I just want to hug her tight and protect her from everything that can offend her.

  "You boys are scaring her," Darren smiled evilly, "Calm down."

  "You touched her!" I yelled, raging, "She's afraid of YOU."

  All of a sudden, I felt my head hit the throne as my mouth was blocked and was being pointed up. Then, a soldier pointed their spear at my neck. From the corner of my eye, I saw Alexa struggle to help me, but the soldiers were stronger than she was. I could hear her trying to scream. Suddenly, I felt Darren coming close to my face.

  "Do you want to go in the same direction as your father?" Darren questioned.

  I stayed silent to avoid getting killed.

  "That's what I thought."

  I watched Darren walking away from me and walk beside my brother and pulled his hair, which caused his head to touch the throne. Greg didn't show any emotions to him.

  "Maybe you'll unite with your father again. And so will your brother soon."

  Greg just gave him the silent, yet deadly look before walking away from us. I locked my eyes with Alexa, who was clearly really scared about what was going to happen. Then, Darren had our backs to us as he pointed to one of his soldiers.

  "You." He ordered, "Round up the army. You guys are going to the Human World."

  Greg and I both had our mouths opened in surprised as Alexa was scared as hell. That's when I struggled like crazy to escape and kill Darren. We watched Darren walk closer to Alexa as her body trembled in fear. She wanted to run away, but she couldn't.

  "Now," Darren smiled evilly, "Time to make you a Queen."

  By the looks in Alexa's eyes, she was beyond petrified. I want to help her, but I'm stuck to this throne. Then, I saw Darren's hand go over one of Alexa's breast and squeezing it slowly as she shut her eyes tightly, producing more tears than before.

  'THAT DOES IT..!!' I thought, raging. 

  I started to pull my arms upwards, to escape the ropes and beat the living crap out of this bastard! From the corner of my eye, I saw Greg, watching me in surprise as Darren's guards had their spears at my neck. The veins showed around my neck and wrists. Darren has crossed me one last time.

  "If that beast escapes," He said, taking Alexa, "Kill him. Now, go round up the army."

  The soldiers obeyed and left the room as Darren walked Alexa to his room for some alone business time. He isn't getting away with this. Finally, after pulling for what felt like for hours, the ropes finally snapped. The soldiers got into position as I stood. But, everything about me changed.

  "Kill h-"

  Suddenly, I stabbed them both in the stomach with my nails. I looked at my hands, surprised before freeing my brother from the ropes. I watched him take his wings out and flying in the air, throwing knives at the remaining soldiers who were trying to tame us. But, we ended them all.

  "I'm going to find the others and go to the portal," Greg told me, "You go save Alexa."

  I nodded to him as he flew away. I watched him fly before going in the same hallway that Darren led Alexa to. I'm not letting that rat rape her. Not when I'm around, they aren't.

  *Alexa's P.O.V.*

  Darren and I entered the room and once we did, Darren slammed the door shut, making me jump in fear. I was still tied up with my mouth blocked with the cloth. He gave me a cold smirk before going inside my shirt and slowly going up my body, towards my breasts.

  'Stop it please..!' I thought, tearing.

  Then, I felt his other hand going inside my shirt and going up behind my back this time. But, both of his hands were on my back and playing with my bra. And by playing, I mean he's trying to unhook it. I tried to struggle when I felt my bra come un done. I looked up at Darren, who was smirking evilly before taking the cloth of my mouth.

  "Shall we..?" He smirked.

  I nodded no in fear. But, he ignored my answer, pushing me onto the bed. I jumped on the bed a little when he pushed me and then, I saw him land over me. Once he was in position, he lied me down, pinning my hands together with one and he grabbed both my panties and shorts.

  "N-No, s-s-stop..!" I said, tearing.


  Then, I felt naked all over, even if my shirt was the only this on. I felt his cold lips against my neck as he slowly started to suck on it. Slowly, he grabbed my shirt and started to pull it up and as he departed his lips from my neck, he threw my shirt over my head, revealing my naked body. And by his face, he was becoming horny.

  "You sexy little girl."

  I was shaking uncontrollably as I watched him have a grin on his face and licking his lips. He got up from holding me down and was slowly undoing his fly. Once it was completely down, Darren grabbed his pants and boxers and pulled it down, revealing his dick.

  "Oh no," I said, starting to cry.

  "You like it..?" He smirked.

  I tried to close my eyes, but Darren kept them open to see what was about to happen. I felt his hands on my waist and pull me closer to his waist as the both of us were naked. I shook more than I ever did in my life as Darren grabbed his dick and slowly leaned in. But, once I yelled, BOOM! Something made the door come crashing down.

  'Please let it be Niall!' I thought, crying.

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