Demons on the Loose.

*The category of my fanfiction is going to be concentrated on Demons.*

In a world where humans are at peace and have nothing to fear. Until demons appeared in 4 corners of the world in search of delicious blood to feed on. But, the demons are looking for one specific person...Alexa Lionhart. The freaky part is...Demons were already living in the human world.


16. Chapter 16.

  We all stood up as Sophia and Denise held Alexa back. We all knew who it was and he was ruining a perfect dinner. I watched Theo run over to Denise, in fear. That's when Zayn sat up in anger as someone was banging on the door, harder than before.

  "These sons of a-"

  Then, the door came crashing down, making the girls scream a little. Greg, Liam and I slowly went to check as Zayn was in front of us. Once the smoke cleared out, it revealed who it was and I was not happy about it.

  "Hello boys," Marco smiled evilly, walking towards us.

  "YOU!" I yelled out, pissed.

  "Greg, I'm sorry I broke down your door. But, you have something that is mine. Or more like someone."

  I looked over to Alexa, who clearly was really scared as Sophia and Denise were mad. I know Denise was dating Marco until she found out he cheated on her. She broke up with him and after that, she wasn't ready for a relationship until she met Greg. Sophia and Marco were good friends until Marco joined Darren's army and was forcing Sophia to join too. Eventually, she stood her grounds and ended her friendship with him.

  "You're not sorry, you arse!" Greg yelled out as Denise came out by our side.

  Then, a evil smirk came across his face.

  "Well, hello Denise. Looking beautiful as al-"

  All of a sudden, Marco was pinned to the wall as his head hit the wall, hard and blood came down a bit. Then, I saw Greg, ragingly, pinning Marco to the wall as his purple eyes brightened. He never acted like this unless Denise, Theo or I were involved, but I never met this type of Greg before.

  "Don't you DARE compliment my wife you understand me?!" He said, with a deep voice.

  "Um.. Niall?" Zayn said, a little scared, "Have you ever seen your brother this way...?"

  "No I haven't.." I said, scared.

  "Aw, someone's getting all defensive." Marco said, in a childish voice.

  Suddenly, Marco went through the wall with Greg's grip getting tighter and tighter. Marco started to show that he was weak as blood started to come down his head as he looked into Greg's angry purple eyes. Then, he threw Marco to the floor harder, making him more weak than before.

  "I could end your life right now if I can." Greg said, angry.

  Then, a evil smile appeared on Marco's face. We all looked confused until we saw someone behind my brother. Right away, I told Denise to go to a safe place to hide Alexa with Sophia and the others. This is going to get really ugly.

  "Greg!" Liam yelled out, "Watch out!"

  The moment Liam yelled that out, Greg was about to look behind him when a bat hit him across the head, making him let go of Marco and fall unconscious. I gasped, running towards him and holding him as I looked up to see Darren, looking at us with an evil grin on his face.

  "Liam, Zayn," I told them, "Get out of here."

  "But," Zayn said, "What about y-"

  "I said go!"

  They nodded as they ran towards the kitchen to meet everyone else. I looked up at Darren with a mad face. Then, he grabbed my neck hard and brought his face close to me as I struggled to get his grip off me.

  "I know you have someone who is mine." He told me, "And I want her immediately."

  "You have to get through me and the lads first." I replied to him.

  He just gave me a look before squeezing my neck tighter. Then, I realized that was squeezing a pressure point, causing me to feel sleepy. No...I can't fall asleep now. Alexa is waiting for me to return with Greg. And now, I failed her. My body hit the floor and I was slowly closing my eyes.

  "Goodnight," Darren smiled evilly, "Niall James Horan."

  The last thing I saw was Darren standing right in front of me and then, my eyes closed.

  "Take them both to the castle." Darren said.

  "What about the human girl?" One soldier asked.

  "I'll hunt her down with some men. If we don't find her, we'll send a message that her 'boyfriend' is with us and she'll surely come to save him. But, she'll be doomed the moment she enters our territory!"

  I heard everything. I HAD to warn everyone to not bring Alexa to the castle if they find out. But, I know Alexa will be selfish and would want to come and save me. I know it. Please everyone just stay safe. I could feel myself being dragged to the castle.

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