Demons on the Loose.

*The category of my fanfiction is going to be concentrated on Demons.*

In a world where humans are at peace and have nothing to fear. Until demons appeared in 4 corners of the world in search of delicious blood to feed on. But, the demons are looking for one specific person...Alexa Lionhart. The freaky part is...Demons were already living in the human world.


10. Chapter 10.

  I was in shock. My mouth open, my mind confused. Did she just say my brother's name?! He's alright?! I was so happy to know that Sophia spoke to Greg. I haven't spoken to him since the day I left, almost 6 years ago.

  ~Flashback, 6 years ago.~

  I was packing my things to leave the Demon World and live in the Human World, which meant I was leaving my mum, brother, his girlfriend and my friends. After what Darren did, I couldn't live here. I had to leave. Something in me was telling me to go and when I'm ready, I'll come back.

  "Be careful love," Maura said, kissing my cheek and hugging me.

  I hugged her back, knowing I probably wasn't going to get another hug from her again or until I return. I didn't want to leave mum and Greg behind, but I have to. I promised father that I would become stronger to avenge him. Mum knew I wanted to avenge father and she let me go.

  "Good luck love. I know you will grow strong just like your father."

  "Thank you Mum," I smiled at her, "I will get our revenge. Please be careful around here."

  I took my bag and walked out of the door, holding in my tears. I didn't want to leave, I wanted to stay in mum's arms and live. But, so much anger consumed me and made me this way. I got up to the portal to the Human World and as I sighed, I was about to answer, but someone said something.

  "Are you leaving without saying goodbye to me?" A voice said.

  I turned to see a figure coming out of the shadows, revealing that it was Greg. I could feel my face turning into a sad face. Looking at his face, it reads upset. He didn't want me leaving to the Human World. I know Greg and I always fought since we're siblings, but he cares about me. He doesn't want to lose me like how we lost father.

  "You weren't home." I said to him, "I wouldn't know where to find you."

  "I do like to stay in the shadows."

  I watched Greg come closer and closer and as he came closer, his dark red eyes produced tears. I was heartbroken to see that he had tears coming. Greg never really cried before except when father died. But, since I'm leaving for training, he'll imagine me gone from the world, too.

  "Please don't cry, Greg."

  But, he ignored it. He couldn't control his emotions and the tears. Greg ran up to me and hugged me so tight that he started to cry in my shoulders. I couldn't help myself. The tears started to come out of my eyes and before I knew it, I was crying, too.

  "You suck."

  "I'll miss you little brother."

  Finally, Greg calmed down and so did I. Slowly, Greg's grip was slipping away from my body and so did mine. I didn't want to leave anyone behind, but I have to. To end Darren's reign of terror. I turned back towards the portal and walked towards it. As I walked, I looked over to Greg, who was watching me leave.

  "Goodbye baby brother." He said, waving with a smile, "Be careful and good luck on your training. May we meet again soon."

  I smiled at him, waving back as I went through the portal. And that was the last time I saw him...Greg.

 ~End of Flashback.~

  I sat on the couch, crying in my hands. I haven't heard about or from my brother or mother in 6 bloody years. I had Louis and Harry comforting me. Sophia went down her knees, in front of me as Liam stood behind her. I felt her hand on my wrist. That's when I removed my hands from my eyes.

  "I know you guys will reunite again." She smiled, making eye contact with me.

  "When did Greg tell you about this forest?" I asked her.

  "Just before I transferred to the Human World."

  ~Sophia's Flashback.~

  'Great...' I thought to myself, holding my right wrist.

  Those demon girls hurt me again...Who the hell do they think they are, hurting me? Do they know who my boyfriend is? Clearly, they don't. I walked down the main street of the Demon city when I saw demon knights walking slowly towards a young man who was wounded.

  'That man..seems familiar...'

  The man looked like he was 27-years-old. Short brown hair, toned arms, pale skin with a leprechaun ready to fight someone. Wait a minute...I know someone with the same tattoo, on the same arm. But, it couldn't be him. He's too much of a nice guy to be in serious trouble.

  "Well well Horan." Darren said, smiling evilly, "Who's going to protect you now? Your father? Your brother? No one. I sent Carlos and his army to kill your brother and find the special girl to help me revive my father."

  "Shut up!" The man yelled, "You will NOT kill me brother! Niall will grow to be stronger than you!"

  That's when I realized that it was Niall's older brother, Greg! But, why is Greg in trouble?! Then, I noticed that blood was dripping down from his head as he held his left bicep and looking at Darren. He was useless to fight. I had to do something!

  'I have to save him..!' I thought.

  Right away, I snapped both my fingers, teleporting to Greg. The moment I did, Darren was about to attack him, but I grabbed ahold of Greg and teleported away from the city and into the forest. Once we settled in the forest, I looked for herbs nearby to heal Greg's wounds.

  "What the hell were you thinking?!" Greg said, mad, "You almost got yourself killed!"

  "I can't let anyone hurt you." I told him, putting the herbs on his wounds, stinging.

  I watched Greg flinch in pain. He just looked down as I sat, in silence. Then, he said something.

  "Why did you save me..?"

  "I didn't want Niall coming home to find out you were murdered."

  "Now, that I know everything about Darren's plans, I have to go tell him."

  He was about to get when his wounds refused to cooperate, causing him to yelling in pain. He sat his butt down on the floor and held his wounds. I put my hands in front of him to stop the pain.

  "You can't go anywhere."

  "How will he find out about everything?"

  "By me."

  Greg looked over to me.

  "If you tell me what you want to tell Niall, I'll go into the Human World and tell them. Niall and the lads must know about the special girl by now."

  "They don't know about the forest though, Sophia. So, I must tell you. But, swear to me that YOU will tell them."

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