Save Me [calum hood]

All Calum wants to do is help his dying girlfriend,
but as time passes, so do the opportunities.


1. Prologue

"Calum Hood?"


"Yes?" I ask, panting.


"I'm sorry. Marc Dawson passed away at 11:11pm."


I feel my whole world crumble beneath me. A simple mistake was made that I could have changed if I only said no.


Memories flash back through my head of Marc and I and how happy we were. How her lips were soft and she did the sweetest things. How she always hugged me and whispered kind words in her sleep. How she never told me to tell her I loved her, because she knew she was dying.


Two months. I remind myself. 


In two months, I had met a girl and fallen in love. Now where is she? Dead. She's gone and so are all my desires for love. She wasn't any type of girl either, she was the rare kind. The kind that walk on the side-walks of busy streets and you don't get to notice because they disappear in a short second. The kind that will make you fall for them even if they don't want you to. The kind that will only avoid you if they know you like them. The kind that fell in love with me and died two months later.


- End Of Prologue -

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