Save Me [calum hood]

All Calum wants to do is help his dying girlfriend,
but as time passes, so do the opportunities.


2. Chapter 1



Lying in my bed, I look at the television screen. Of course, they played the same things that were on yesterday. I hear a knock at my door and yell a swift "come in" as the person opened the door. It was my mom.


"Get up." She instructed. I sat up, pulling my knees to my chest. "No, I mean get up."


"Why?" I question. If she were telling me that we were going somewhere, I know to get dressed ten minutes before. But she hasn't told me anything. Or talked to me lately.


"We're going to the doctor's office. You have to get up."


I nodded as she had exit my room, leaving me alone. I pull off my pyjamas and put on sweatpants and a white tee. Most people usually know about their doctor's appointments, so when I get there, they better not judge. I pulled on some Sperrys and brush down my long, silky, brown waves.


"Hurry up Marc!" My mother yells from down the hall. I oblige and run down, quietly wheezing and running out of breath as I do.


Well that's unusual.


I walk out the door, closing and locking it behind me. My mom gets in the car and I get in the passengers seat. She drives off and I turn on the radio, humming songs along as we go. I've never really enjoyed going to the doctor before, and going today is most likely going to be different.




"Turns out you're completely fine." Dr. Ymong says, smiling. She's pretty and young, but she's my doctor. Wouldn't want to hook up with her.


" symptoms of anything? Just keep taking medicine?" I ask, swinging my feet off the side of the bed.


"No symptoms of anything. Your antidepressant medicine is working. Are you going to the therapist? Has she told you anything that I don't know about lately?"


"I write in this journal. She says just to write a date and how I feel in it. I do, and I don't understand it."


"That's because your mind doesn't comprehend new things like it should. If you continue writing in it, you should be just fine. If there's anything else wrong, let me know."


"I will." 




I sit in the waiting room, waiting for my mother to finish talking to the man at the front desk. I watch as people come in and leave. A tan boy with black hair walks out and moves over to the desk, talking to the lady at the front. She and him talk for a while before he gives a small fake smile and grabs a card before walking out.


"Come on, Marc." My mother says, now beside me. I follow her to the back along with the doctor. I get to my room and sit on the bed. My mother looks stressed and nervous but I'm not sure why. Dr. Clint sighs before reading off his papers.


"Do you know why you're here today?" Dr. Clint asks. I shrug.


"Because I have an appointment." I respond, my voice getting high pitched.


"From recent tests, such as the one taken last time you were here, we have found out some...unexpected news."


"What is it?"


"Your body shows signs of lung cancer, and we need to inform you."


"I think this is a joke or something."


"Do you ever feel weak? Or a loss of appetite?"




"Severe coughs or sharp pains?"




"Well, those are symptoms. We'll need to do further testing, so until then take it easy on certain activities."




- End Of Chapter 1 -

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