Nuts Crackers

Too often,fear dominates people.It steals joy and precious dreams.It never cease to devastate.Fear stimulates its force by collecting weak souls.A young woman named Senna is the first victim.


1. to the ball of darkness

The morning broke so fresh and pretty it was hard to believe that the previous night had happened. Bird’s song drifted through the open curtain like a sweet melody. Crepuscular rays, visible by dust particles, shone through the oval window, reflecting onto several objects in the room which decorated its otherwise simplicity. The morning was beautiful indeed but the feeling of malevolence still lingered on every pore of her skin.

‘It was just a dream’ Senna awoke and convinced herself that everything had been a nightmare caused by exhaustion. Working the graveyard shift at the local supermarket had drained her physical and mental resources. Extreme tiredness had caused her horrible nightmares.

Slowly, she pulled the thick blanket away from her body and sat up. She felt throbbing on her head which was not a surprise because she had it almost everyday. But the pain scorchingly went down all the way to her spine leaving an unbearable soreness. Senna drew a deep breath. She’s starting to feel sick.

Living alone, all by herself, was not an easy job. Senna was desolated by the deaths of her treasured parents and now she lived a very isolated existence. Basic expenses already emptied out all her savings and so she had to work overtime. “Living alone” for her meant being pulled around by the circumstances of the present- to be in fear of the future. She found no one to lean on to. But once in a while, she learned to survive and her perseverance to live had pushed her to go further.

‘Time to get dressed’ whispered Senna as her eyes fell upon the clock dangling from a long golden chain on her neck. Eight minutes after six. The coolness of the bed urged her to go back to sleep however she was scheduled to Jascent today. She should give the kids an impressive impression as their substitute P.E instructor by arriving on time. The position was mainly temporary nevertheless very sufficient in alleviating financial constraints.

She jumped out of bed and was about to head to the shower room when. . .

A dark pulsing sphere. . . floating in mid-air. . . an inch away from her. . .

Fear suddenly seized her, her fingers refused to move. She stood rigid for one long moment and all the horror that a person can feel concentrated in her heart. The ball was dark red and thick. It looked like a droplet of blood in perfect circle suspended in the air.

Senna suddenly felt a hand on her right shoulder, long nails digging on her flesh. She quickly gasped for air and prayed that the floor would take her away.

‘What you’re seeing is your greatest fear my dear. . .’ said a voice from behind.

‘Who-who are you?’ she asked, stammering, while trying to squirm free from the grasp.

‘I am here to help you overcome your greatest fear. . .’ replied the harsh, raspy voice.

Her mind stirred back to her nightmare. Terrible pictures played in chronological order.

A shadow at her door. . . A wicked smile in the dark. . . An old man wearing a worn out cloak, sharp nails welcoming her . . .

Senna swallowed hard the lump at her throat.

‘What do you want from me?!’ she started to panic, tears already streaming down from her eyes.

His voice echoed, as if in a cave.‘I want you TO BE MINE!’

‘What are you saying?! Please get off me!’ Senna cried from the top of her lungs.

When she finally get free from the tight grip, she quickly faced the intruder.

The old man wasn’t a nightmare at all. He was freaking real! He had a white greasy hair flowing from the back of his head. His eyes jutted out of their normal position, look like an indication of a serious medical condition. His face was covered with blotches and his big, square teeth were stained nicotine-yellow. He’s wearing a gray ragged cloak that reminds her of a wild hunter. The old man looked so creepy and deadly at the same time. Senna thought he must have sneaked into her room while she was asleep. The nightmare wasn’t a nightmare at all!

‘Please don’t hurt me-‘ she whimpered pathetically but to little avail. It didn’t stirred his emotion.

All of a sudden, an unseen force pushed her towards the dark sphere behind. She flew straight to the ball of darkness. She let out such a bloodcurdling scream that it woke up neighbors.

And suddenly everything went black.

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