Nuts Crackers

Too often,fear dominates people.It steals joy and precious dreams.It never cease to devastate.Fear stimulates its force by collecting weak souls.A young woman named Senna is the first victim.


3. key to lighten baggage

When Senna entered the principal’s office she saw that it’s really in bad shape. Old takeout bags filled the trashcan in the corner. Files and paper coated the desk in thick piles. Around her, the filing cabinets were all closed, but she could see papers poking out of the drawers. On the floor more piles of papers littered the floor. Only this time books were added to the piles.

Mr. Jefferson was known as a wild hunter during his younger days and hunters she'd known in general have no etiquette in terms with organizing things. Biological ornaments sprawled on the wall, sharp and crooked, describing his interest of ferocious hunting. The room was generally more decorative than functional.

There’s a picture of a wild boar on the wall by his desk. It’s a black-and-white colored photo of the hog in a trap. It reminded her of the life she had now- the feeling of like stuck in a dead-end job and can’t find another one, just spinning the wheels in the mud and all you feel’s pure frustration. The picture said it all.

A door at the next room was left ajar. No noise could be heard from the opening. ‘He’s waiting’, Senna’s throat tightened at the thought of someone intently waiting for her. For all her life, no one did the same until today. It felt weird but rejuvenating.

Her senses were alert as she approached the door. She scanned the surrounding for differences, things out of place, but saw nothing to alert her. Very gingerly she slid the door to open a wide crack to look inside. It was all quiet in there except for the sneezing and wheezing of the air-conditioner.

“I like woman who arrives on time when I need her to,” a man in mid-fifties was slouching on a couch sipping coffee, gray eyes locked to hers.

Senna was completely taken aback by the unexpected words however she found herself smiling.

“I’m just excited to finish what we started honestly,” she replied, pushing herself forward with a slight degree of confidence. Mr. Jefferson was a man of his words. The one that could keep promises no matter what it takes. Everything she heard about him was generally satisfactory thus wanting her to know him more.

“Ha-ha, please have a seat,” he gestured.

Senna reached for a crimson cushion, the corners heavily embroidered with gold and crimson beads. It was a squishy easy chair to fit her butt.

“I wish to have a permanent job in here Jeff,” she started the conversation without hesitation. “Can you please help me?”

“Of course. I can if you insist,” his eyes shone in the dark. “But only. . .in one condition.”

Like always. Senna have known the fact her entire life. When someone does something nice for you, you need to do something nice back to them in return. Before, it’s not compulsory. However today, the phrase “return the favor” has a wider meaning than just doing something nice in return to a person. Now it can have a more general meaning of doing the same thing back to someone that they did to you. It eventually became a responsibility.

“Marry me Ms. Clipton and I’ll give you the power to defy future. I know too well what your difficulties are. You need me as much as I need you,” Mr. Jefferson leaned his shoulder forward while accentuating his words. His face twisted in close range. They’ve known each other for only a week but he acted as though he’d known her his entire life.

It was a funny request but Senna managed to stay serious. No man in his right mind would be doing the same thing unless he’s desperate.

“If i’ll say yes, I can have the job then?” She licked her lips at the taste of triumph.

Mr. Jefferson widened his eyes, “Sure you will. Leave Mr. Zed to me. He’s an old sick man, not a threat really”

Senna’s eyes sparkled in unison as her mind held a perfect picture of life in advancement and new beginning. The man before her was the answer, the key to finally lighten the baggage. Moments never stay, whether or not you ask them, and Senna will never let the moment to slip by. Not this time.

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