Nuts Crackers

Too often,fear dominates people.It steals joy and precious dreams.It never cease to devastate.Fear stimulates its force by collecting weak souls.A young woman named Senna is the first victim.


2. complete opposite of a healthy person

Jascent had been the oldest middle school in the outskirts of Larkboro. Stood against different weather condition for twenty solid years, the fact drags a strong feeling of nervous apprehension and discomfort. Something about the school that got the old fear meter up mostly to new comers.

The gates had been beautiful once upon a time. What was left of the fancy designs and the iron bars was covered in rust, and the gate was barely hanging on to it’s hinges. Needless to say, they looked like a sad piece of work. There had been stories that talks about how the building was deserted for an extremely long time and used to be a place of merriment where some terrible things happened. The place was a kind of place you see people obliviously waltzing into in horror movies, knowing full well that most or all of them will never make it out alive. But these were no movie sets, thought Krissy silenty. She stood before the creepiest school she’d ever known her entire life. The moment was for real.

The transfer of school was one of the sudden decisions her mom announced a month ago which was not a news because it became a tradition years after years. Krissy got nothing to do with it, no way to control it, and can’t use any excuse available to attain her power over her devastated mom. She’s just a kid. No words could change the mind of the elders. The end of marriage pulled both her mom and dad into a swirl of emotional challenges. But her mom faced the most stressful challenge! running away from the pain. Women on average clearly said they felt more emotional than men. Thus, her life today with her mom was as hateful as ants in the pants.

“Beep-beeep!“ A deafening car horn broke her thoughts, burning her sensitive ears all at once. Krissy turned and was astonished to see the hood of a black Cadillac almost kissing her rear part. Inside was a beautiful woman poking her head out of the car window.

“Don’t block the driveway!” she shouted, gesturing her to move aside.

“Oh, sorry,” Krissy apologized, stepping back to the overgrown hedge alongside the pavement. After then, the car jolted into motion like a bullet train. Dead dry leaves swirled like gusts of snow behind.

“What an attitude for a newbie,” hissed a rough voice beside Krissy. Krissy shook her head with a sigh, “She’s definitely in a hurry. We mustn’t be late too, must we?”

A small boy in horn-rimmed glasses nodded slightly, furrowing his brow all together, “She’s our new P.E instructor. Been here for a week but she’s not well-disposed. She has the attitude”, he replied, keeping his hazel eyes glued to the Cadillac.

“Well, teachers are like that sometimes. Oh, by the way I’m Krissy, I think we’re in the same grade. PE’s my first subject today,” she extended a hand.

“My name’s Wybie. I’m in seventh grade. Nice meeting you mate,” he shook her hand and faded a wide line of smile, a deep dimple in his right cheek started to show. Krissy was glad to meet a new friend the soonest time she imagined.

An increasing number of little and big kids were showing up in all directions telling them that classes were about to begin. Krissy and Wybie headed together to the school yard while getting to know each other. She still had the usual feeling- being nervous in her first day of a new school. But even though it felt like she swallowed a knife and her head hurts beyond belief, Krissy made to her first period as smoothly as one would hope for.

“Students must be able to describe the benefits of regular exercise, identify healthy choices that require them to be more physically active, and describe importance of choosing healthy food. Today’s challenge is to find a partner and brainstorm a creativity technique to draw a picture of a healthy person. Each must contribute ideas for this activity,” the red-haired woman brought out boxes of coloring pens and ream of bond paper and put them on her desk.

She’s 5’6” ft tall and had fair complexion. A beautiful woman in first impression but if taken the time to shape her physical, she looked a bit off. She had dark circles around her eyes, deep wrinkles in her face, her cheeks were deep and hollow and her wide white teeth had begun to push aside her thin and jagged lips.

“I’ll be back after an hour, finished or not, posters will be submitted at the count of three.” high heels made a clanking sound as she scampered off without another word, leaving the seventh grade in deep echoing silence.

“She’s evil,” Krissy finally said the words.

“I told you. She’s kinda weird and scary, acts as if time runs out every time. I’ll never trade Mr. Zed for her shoes,” Wybie responded through clenched teeth.

"Who are you talking about? Where is he?"

"He's terribly sick. Asthma attack. We visited Mr. Zed at the hospital yesterday and we are offering our full support for his immediate recovery"

Krissy pursed her lips at the news. It was one of saddest news she received ever since she step foot in this town.

“How about her? What’s her name?”

Wybie pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and answered “Senna Clipton. 28 years old. Single I guess, no wedding ring on both hands”

“That could happen to anyone who has weird disposition,” Krissy chuckled softly. She added, “Now, let’s get started"

"I can draw things I have in mind in a way I like, but for me the hard part was coloring"

"Leave the job to me!," Krissy exclaimed. "Now, what's your idea of a healthy person?"

Wybie leaned back against his chair and crossed his arms neatly across his chest, thinking deeply, “A complete opposite of Ms. Clipton I say”

They burst into laughter.

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