Daisy Creek

When a woman returns to her childhood home for a family reunion, she uncovers secrets and repressed memories of her childhood.


1. The Old Days

It feels like it's been a hundred years since I visited home. Being a child was the best time of my life, I just didn't realize it. I remember what it was like back then; my sister, Sarah, and I used to take a trip down to the creek, not far behind our home. The first day we discovered the creek, we were amazed; the way the water flowed, the beautiful leaves of Autumn fluttering gently onto the water, and the peaceful sound of the waterfall. We would visit the creek everyday. About four days after discovering the creek, we stumbled across a tree with the name, 'Daisy' carved in a tree. From that point on, we called the creek, 'Daisy Creek'. As the years passed by, Sarah and I grew up and soon, we stopped visiting the creek. Sarah went on to college, and I studied to become a nurse.

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