Daisy Creek

When a woman returns to her childhood home for a family reunion, she uncovers secrets and repressed memories of her childhood.


5. Flashbacks

 I rushed back to my room, grabbed the knife, and dashed to the creek. I ran to the tree and paused. As soon as I saw the message that was carved in the tree, I remembered everything. I remembered being friends with Daisy, how she died, the memorial, and carving her name in the tree. It's crazy how one repressed memory can change all your memories that you thought you knew. I grabbed the knife and carved an additional message in the tree that read, I miss you. I slid onto the ground and thought everything through.


    It was a sunny day in Summer. Daisy and I were as close as could be. We were walking through the creek and our friend, Garrett, walked up to us. He pushed me out of the way and pinned Daisy against a tree.

"What are you doing? If you're going to kiss me, I already told you that I don't want to date." Daisy said.

"Oh, Daisy, dear, dear Daisy, I'm not going to kiss you." Garrett smirked and took a gun out from under his shirt.

"Run, Rachel! Save yourself!" Daisy cried and I ran away from the creek with tears in my eyes. As I was running, I heard two gunshots. My mom had contacted the police as soon as I told her what happened. The next day, I nervously walked to the creek. I had brought a knife for two reasons; to carve her name in the tree and for protection in case Garrett showed up again.


As I sat in front of the tree, I started crying. It was all my fault Daisy was dead. Why didn't I protect Daisy or at least die with her?

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