Daisy Creek

When a woman returns to her childhood home for a family reunion, she uncovers secrets and repressed memories of her childhood.


4. A Secret

   As I opened the closet, I rummaged through old boxes. I found a box marked X-mas Decor. I quickly opened the box but what I found had nothing to do with Christmas. I saw 3 pictures. As I picked up the first one, I saw me and a young girl. We both looked about 6. I looked on the back of the photo, but I didn't see a name for the young girl. I picked up the second one, which showed me and the unnamed young girl playing with dolls. As I picked up the third, I saw a memorial by the tree in the creek. Candles were lit and pictures of the young girl were plastered all over the tree. On a sign by the memorial, it read, Rest in peace, Daisy.

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