Daisy Creek

When a woman returns to her childhood home for a family reunion, she uncovers secrets and repressed memories of her childhood.


6. A Miracle

 As I was sobbing, I heard footsteps approaching. I looked up to see a woman with red hair.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm pretty sure if you didn't remember, you wouldn't be here." The woman said and looked at me.

"I must be imagining things." I sighed.

"No, you are not." The woman said and sat next to me.

 "I must be. I mean, you died. You got murdered. And I shouldn't have ran. You were my best friend." I said.

"Follow me." She said as I hopped up.

We walked through the creek, and as I walked alongside her, the world around me morphed, and so did Daisy. The further we walked into the creek, it was as if we were turning back time; Daisy morphed into the little girl I knew, and I morphed into the little girl I used to be.

"What's happening?" I asked, looking all around, noticing things such as bridges we made and toys we used to play with appear. The bridges we made of wood planks were back in place, and our toys were having a tea party like Daisy and I used to always do.

 "We're going back to our childhood." Daisy said.

 As we kept walking, we turned back into 7 year olds.

"Wait... we are back to the day when you got murdered." I said. I couldn't believe my eyes.

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