5 Seconds of Summer Shorts!

Here are a couple of shorts that are sure to make your day and/or hit you right in the feels.

Some of these are in YOUR perspective, giving you the opportunity to see what these moments are like with everybody's (not so) punk band, 5 Seconds of Summer.

Others are just really cute shorts with characters.


P.S. I take requests!!!!


8. Written On My Skin Part 1 (Ashton Irwin)

You know when you hit puberty, your parents give you "The Talk"? How awkward it is to learn about all the crap you already know, like how boys have a penis and girls have a vagina? Yeah, I get that it's totally normal to have this kind of talk. I mean, if I had started growing hair in weird places without anyone telling me anything, I'd be freaked out too. But that's not what this is about.   

This is about me and my family. How we get "The Talk". Sure, once we start to hit puberty our parents sit us down to talk about sex and stuff, but in my family, we take it up a notch. And I don't mean they teach us to a whole new level, we just have to deal with a little something extra once we start to grow that hair in those weird places.  

Legend has it, once the children in my family hit puberty, any marks that are inflicted on our skin that we had nothing to do with come from someone else. Not just any somebody, our soulmates. Thing is, you never know who your soulmate will be. It could be a man or a woman, someone who hasn't hit puberty yet, or someone who has. The marks could be tattoos, piercings, scars, marker, you name it.   

You don't even know who these people are, but somehow you always find each other. And somehow, when members of my family tell them about our family... Thing, I guess... They don't take it too hard. If anything, they're fascinated. It's totally weird to witness.   But sometimes, the marks on your skin aren't exactly pretty and they hurt. A lot. Did I mention that when the marks are made under mental and/or emotional stress, you feel the pain as well?

Yeah, totally sucks.  

That's how I got my soulmate, Ashton Irwin. Yeah, that Ashton Irwin. The drummer for 5 Seconds Of Summer, worlds biggest band that nobody's ever heard of. Yay.   


Let's start from the beginning, shall we?  


The first time I received a mark was when I was twelve years old. I was at school dozing off, bored and trying to get through my last class of the day. I was never a school kid. I found it stupid and useless.   

I was absentmindedly doodling in my notebook when something catches my eye. What looks like pen is scribbled onto my forearm. Confused, I look at the writing utensil I have. It's a pencil. My heart starts to pound in my chest as I look closer and try to make out the sloppy handwriting.  

L+H babysit tonight   

L+H? Babysit? I'm not babysitting anytime soon, and I'm assuming L and H are names, but I don't babysit any L or H kids.  

That's when I realize I've just received my first mark. I start to sweat and look at the clock every few minutes. My leg bounces in its place as I subtly start to put my things away. Now, I definitely can't concentrate on my class.  

Finally, the bell rings, signaling the end of the day. I bolt out of the classroom and out the school doors where my older sister, Hayley, is waiting to pick me up. Her eyes widen as I run like a mad woman to the car and hop in, telling her to drive home as fast as she can.   

I don't speak about it in the car, despite my older sisters pleas. The thing is, we can only talk about the soulmate stuff in our home where we know it's safe. So, as much as I wanted to freak out and tell her, I couldn't. In order to shut my sister up though, I pull back my sleeve once we hit a red light and look pointedly at the scribble.   

Her eyes widen in understanding before she makes her lips into a straight line and focuses on the road ahead. As soon as the light turns green, she slams her foot on the gas, making me sit back in my seat.   

In record time, we make it home. We rush inside and as soon as the door clicks shut and locks, I am rushed to the living room while Hayley shouts for our parents. My mother comes in from the kitchen and my father from his study. They have worried looks on their faces, since Hayley is shouting for them.   

"Honey, why are you shouting? Oh my, Peyton, why do you look so pale?" My mother asks. I look up at my sister who nods reassuringly and squeezes my shoulders before nudging me towards my parents.   

I walk over to them with shaking knees and show them my forearm.   

"I got my first mark" I say. My parents gasp and smile, tears in their eyes.   

"My baby girl is all grown up" my father says, pulling me into a tight hug.   

Getting your first mark is joyful in my family. It's a cause for celebration. It's like how any culture has its own coming-of-age shindig; Barmitzvahs, Quinceneras, Sweet Sixteens, you get the picture.  

Too bad the joy didn't last.  


"Okay, so here's what I've gathered" I say, shoving a spoonful of cookie dough ice cream into my mouth. I'm sitting on the floor of my bedroom with my best friend Ashley, an open notebook in front of us. "They have younger family members, most likely two younger siblings with L and H names; They are most definitely into some sort of poetry or music, what with all of the words I get on my arms; They definitely do something that gives you calluses on your hands, what I don't know-"  

"Maybe they're handy, you know?" Ashley interrupts, wiggling her eyebrows. I shove her before continuing.   

"Anyway, this kids definitely a doodler, but not exactly an artist. I swear if I get one more penis drawn on me..." I shake my head. "And not to mention they burn themselves a lot. But not intentionally. Maybe they work with fire?"   

"Oh, a dangerous one" Ashley giggles again. I roll my eyes. Honestly, why do I even talk to her about this?   You actually might be wondering the same thing. So, we can tell people, but they have to be like us or be one of our soulmates. I'm not related to Ashley, but her family is like mine.   

What? You thought it was just my family? No, thank god. Otherwise all of us would be put into a crazy home by now. Or slowly be driven crazy by the fact that we can't tell anyone. Or both. Both is good.  

I've just turned sixteen, and Ashley and I are going over all of the clues that I've gathered  from my skin since I was twelve. The notebook in front of us has everything I've ever had on my body that was not put there by me. Between knee scrapes and random notes, I've actually gotten to know this kid a bit.   

But the one thing I don't write down, the one thing I keep to myself, hides under my long sleeves and jeans. I know I should tell someone, but what good would it do? We can't do anything about someone who is suicidal God knows where in the world. I can't tell anyone. I know my family and friends would believe me if I told them it wasn't me. I'm actually a pretty happy person. I've never known depression or anxiety unless I'm watching a scary movie. But still, I feel like I would betray my soulmate by telling my family about this.  

Doesn't change the fact that it hurts and there are times where I honestly hate this kid for hurting me in the process of hurting themselves. But then I feel bad because I don't know what is making them hurt. Literally. Honestly it's a constant battle.  

Luckily in my family, we kinda have to wear long shirts and pants. Otherwise seeing some random thing pop out of nowhere on your leg will freak people out, true story. So, I don't have to really hide per se, I'm just careful about what I wear around my family. And the other families, of course.   

I wince slightly as the now familiar feeling of something dragging across my skin, dangerously close to my wrist. I jump up and walk to the bathroom, Ashley looking at me confused. Once I close the door I sigh and roll up my sleeve.   

Sure enough, there's an angry red line across my forearm. Luckily, we feel the pain and receive the marks, but we never loose blood. That would suck if we did, cuz I know this kids lost a lot of blood, so it would be a lot harder to hide.  

I just want to meet this kid already. Once you meet your soulmate officially, the marking stops. You don't have to go through any more weird tattoos or in my case, excruciating pain.  

I pop my head out of my bathroom door and call out to Ashley.   

"Hey, look. I'm sorry but I don't feel well. I just got really nauseous. I think you should head home, cuz I'm about to lay down. It's giving me a headache" I call out to her. I hear her laugh in response before she comes out with my ice cream.  

"Maybe it's all the ice cream you've had today? The carton is almost finished. I'll take it downstairs for you, so just go lay down. I'll see you later, okay?" She says and I nod, covering my arm before hugging her and trudging back to my room.   

I feel another sharp sting on my arm as I lay down, sighing. It's going to be a long day.  


Over the next few months, the cutting slows down until it stops entirely. I don't know why, but I'm glad. Maybe the kid is finally getting his life together, I don't know. I'm just glad it's done with. But lately, my hands have been drying out and cracking from whatever the hell this kid is doing. I use moisturizer as much as possible, but I still have dry looking hands.  

As much as the soulmate thing is kinda my whole life, I actually spend time as an actual teenager. I go to school, have crushes on cute guys, date, fangirl over celebrities and artists, fail at stuff, and most importantly, I dedicate at least 60% of my life cooped up in my room on YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media accounts.  

My walls are covered in One Direction posters, as well as a few other bands and celebrities. Most of my clothing is band shirts, skinny jeans, and Converse/Keds/Vans/Doc Martins. I don't wear makeup, mostly cuz I'm too lazy to learn how. I pride myself in my bookshelf. It spans my entire wall and is completely full.   

See? Normal.   

"Oh my god, Peyton, you have to see this Tweet that Louis Tomlinson just sent out about 5 Seconds Of Summer" Ashley comes barging into my room. My ears perk up at the mention of the four Aussies and the 1D member. I look at the feed and sure enough, Louis Tomlinson shared the four boys' cover of Teenage Dirtbag saying he's a fan. I immediately go on my own Twitter and retweet it, whilst giving a shoutout to the boys as well.   

Ashley and I have been following the boys for a while. It started when Luke, the lead, started putting covers up on YouTube. Ashley got me into them. It's so weird that these four guys a couple of towns away from us could be getting that big.   

Oh, yeah, we live in Australia, by the way, in case you didn't catch on earlier.  

They're talented, and not to mention cute, but mainly really funny guys. I want to meet them so bad. I also may or may not have a soft spot for Ashton, the drummer. Little did I know...  

"This is awesome! What if that get super famous now because of this?" I say excitedly. Ashley nods in response, smiling widely before flopping down on my bed.  

"Ugh, imagine they get really famous and somehow I end up dating Michael? I would be dating probably the hottest rhythm guitarist ever created in man kind." She sighs. I roll my eyes.  

"Oh please, he's freaking adorable. He looks too much like a kitten to be hot. Now, Ashton on the other hand..." I trail off. Okay, so maybe Ashton was kind of my biggest crush from the start.   

"If you already hadn't claimed Ashton and Michael wasn't, well, Michael, I would totally take him and run. His laugh stabs me so hard in the chest."  

I nod, agreeing with her completely.   

"One day we'll meet them, and it will be amazing." Ashley says after a moment.   

"One day"  


On my seventeenth birthday, my parents surprised me with front row tickets to see One Direction, as well as meet and greet passes that night.   

Of course, Ashley was coming with me, seeing as we both loved both groups of gorgeously talented guys. We spent the whole day planning our outfits and what we would say to the boys. Ashley was a Liam girl, whereas I lean more towards Harry.   

Once it came time to leave I was shaking so bad. I was about to meet one of my favorite bands and see them up close live? It was a dream come true.   

I decide to risk it tonight and wear a t-shirt and capris. The stadium is going to get hot and I don't want to pass out from screaming and jumping up and down like a maniac. My parents didn't like the idea, but they understood and told me to be careful.    

We decide to get there early since we're only meeting the 1D boys, and we wanted to meet, or at least see, the 5SOS boys as well. With a final warning and cautionary glance from my parents, we make our way to the hoards of excited fans waiting for the best night ever. As we are walking, Ashley looks behind me and gasps. I turn around when she grabs my wrist and studies it carefully.   

"What?" I ask, confused. What is she looking at?   "This wasn't there before" she mumbles, turning my wrist so I can see. I gasp when I notice a small tally boldly outlined on my wrist.   

That doesn't look like marker or pen. It looks way to nice.   

"What the hell?" I cry out. Some people look at us weirdly but I only smile and grab Ashley, tugging her to a quest place to talk.   

"Where did that come from?" She whisper shouts.   

"I don't know! I just saw it after you showed it to me!" I whisper shout back.  

"Well, someone must really like the boys then. That's their logo. At least you know that your soulmate has good music taste." She giggles.  

"This isn't a joke! What if my soulmate is here tonight? How the hell am I going to approach this?"   

"How the hell am I supposed to know? My soulmate seems to not like me or something because I've never gotten any type of clues from them."  

Yeah, that happens too. It sucks but it usually works out in the end.   

My palms start to get sweaty and my heart rate starts to increase as we come up with possible situations. We barely realize when they open the doors for the meet and greet.   

Ah yes. Yet another thing to go crazy about: Meeting the hottest boy band in the world and actually being able to touch them. Sounds creepy, but it's true.   

The line is long and annoying, since we were the last ones on the line, but it's totally worth the wait when I finally see those beautiful green eyes and dimples that put babies to shame. Ashley almost trips over herself as she goes up to hug Niall. She said she wanted to "make Liam wait for her" so she hugged him last. As if he didn't already have a girlfriend. I resist the urge to snort as I watch her.   

"Are you two excited for tonight?" Harry asks in his slow drawl. I nod with the biggest heart eyes.    

"We can't wait to see the 5SOS boys either. We've been following them since the beginning, so seeing them come this far means a lot to us. Especially since they're performing at home." Ashley says. A chorus of aw's come from the boys, making us blush.   

We quickly take our picture and luckily, we get a little bit longer with the guys since we were last in line. My heart was soaring. I was conversing with One Direction. Could this get any better?  

While we are talking, Niall's phone rings.  

"Speak a' de devil" Niall says in his thick Irish accent before answering his phone. He nods a couple of times before hanging up. His spins to us with a big smirk on his face.  

"Looks like de both a yous gonna meet de 5SOS boys after all"   

My heart reaches my throat.   

Oh my god. We are going to meet 5 Seconds Of Summer. I look at Ashley, tears in the both of our eyes. We squeal and hug each other, jumping up and down.  

"I feel jealous. We didn't even get that reaction and its our concert" Louis pipes up. Ashley and I pull apart in shock.  

"Oh! No! No way, we love you guys, we-"   

"Don't worry about it love. He was just teasing" Liam stands in, wrapping an arm around Ashley's shoulders. He shoots a playful glare at Louis who chuckles in response.. She nods, completely blissed out at the fact that Liam Payne is willingly touching her.   

"Hey, we want some love too!" A voice I recognize as Luke's bursts through one of the doors. The rest of the band shuffles in one by one. Blonde hair, black, Galaxy, and finally dirty blonde come into the room.   

"P-Peyton." Ashley says, trembling next to me. Her eyes are wide, watching the four boys come our way.  

"Y-yeah?" I reply, eyes just as wide.  

"What the hell is going on?"   

"Don't know."  


The four boys reach our shocked faces, smiling wide. I barely realize when Calum pulls me in for a hug. The dam of the feels finally breaks and I manage to hug him back, smiling wide.   

We go down the line, the both of us hugging our favorite last. As Ashley finds herself in Michaels arms and me in Ashton's, she looks at me, mouthing 'oh my god!'. I just smile widely.  

"So, you guys are fans then?" Luke asks. We both nod, too excited to speak.  

"What are your names?"  

We blink, almost forgetting our names before Harry steps in and points at us.  

"This is Ashley" he points at her and then me," and this is Peyton. They were really excited to meet you. Kinda felt jealous."   

The boys merely chuckle.   

"Well we're glad we have fans in the crowd tonight. It's nice to have fans at home." Michael says, winking at us. I can't help but feel my heart flutter a little.   

"Hey Ashton, why is your wrist bandaged?" Ashley asks, making me realize the white gauze around his wrist. He lifts it up and smirks.   

"Oh this? I got a tattoo today" he replies. I feel Ashley tense next to me as I feel my blood freeze at his statement. She clears her throat and recovers herself, smiling.   

"Oh wow! That's so cool! What did you get?" She asks.   

"Wanna see? It's not done yet but I still like it." He suggests. Before I can protest, Ashley pipes up.  

"Oh my god yes! I can't believe we're the first to see it- well, besides you guys" she giggles pointing to the rest of the guys.   

In moments- that feel like years- he has the gauze off his wrist and he's holding up his newly inked wrist. I'm pretty sure I look like I've seen a ghost, which I guess I did because the tattoo on his wrist is the exact same thing on my wrist. The boldly outlined tally mark. I cover my wrist and back away, looking at him with wide eyes. All the marks he's ever left on me flash through my mind.  

His smile falls, making his dimples disappear.   

"Hey you alright?" He asks, stepping forward. I'm shaking, tears coming to my eyes. I step back before shaking my head.  

"I-I'm sorry, I have to go" I say, turning around and running out of the room.  

"Peyton, wait!"  

I don't wait.   

I run. I run until I can't anymore. The scenery passes me but I refuse to take in where I am. Finally I stop and I look around me and I realize I'm in the car park of the stadium. It's gotten a little darker, signaling that the concert will start soon. The doors must be open because there are only a couple of people outside now and they're headed to the entrance.  

Suddenly I hear feet behind me. I freeze in my place, breathing hard.   

It's impossible. I don't want to look at my wrist for fear that it is gone; the bold tally that somehow defines my future.   

"Peyton! Oh my god what the hell has gotten into you?" Ashley asks, coming up to me, breathing hard from running after me. I whip around to face her with wide eyes.  

"What's gotten into me?" I ask incredulously. "What's gotten into me is that Ashton-fucking-Irwin is my soulmate! What's gotten into me is that-" I can't continue. I can't tell her about him. I'm sure that close family and friends know, but fans? That's not something you share, especially this early in your career.   

I can't tell her that part of me hates him for making me feel the heartache and pain. I can't tell her. I just can't.  

"Just because you have the same tattoo as him, it doesn't automatically mean that he's your soulmate. Anyone could have the tattoo." She tries to reason, making me laugh out loud.  

"Are you really saying that? Ashley, it showed up on the same wrist as his, with the same exact design, size, color- it's fucking him! But I- I just can't..." I trail off.  

"Why? Why can't you? If I were in your place right now, I would be jumping for joy-"   

"I thought we were supposed to talk about this with our families, in the safety of our homes." A familiar voice interrupts us. Ashley stops mid-sentence and stares at me widely.  


Slowly, we turn to meet not one, but two pairs of amused green and aqua eyes.   

"M-Michael? Niall?" I stutter. "W-what do you mean?" I try to play it off.   

"You know exactly what I'm talking about." Michael says, narrowing his eyes and crossing his arms.   

Time to act dumb.  

"Honestly, Michael, what are you talking about? I'm sorry for running out, I just have stuff going on at home, so I'm emotional" I say. Ashley nods with me.   

"Yeah, it really hits her at the worst of times. So sorry" she continues for me.  

"Cut the shit." Niall says. "You realize we're more common than you think, right? Give me your wrist." He holds out his hand. I gulp and hesitate before I give up trying to hide the truth that they were like us and we are like them and give him my wrist. He pulls it closer, examining it. He shows Michael who nods.   

"It's fading fast, but it's identical" he says. I yank my wrist from Niall's grasp and stare at the small design that is, sure enough, fading from my skin.   

"No. No, no, no!" I cry out. "I refuse to believe my soulmate is the one I hate the most!"  

"Peyton, why do you hate him- or, your soulmate?" Ashley begs. I can't hide it anymore. It's bubbling in my mind, so close to boiling over.  

"He. Hurt. Me." I say through clenched teeth. "For almost an entire year he hurt me, over and over again. I couldn't tell anyone because what good would that do for me? For us? I had to live with cuts almost every day, the pain would be almost unbearable at some points. He made me want to..."

I finally break, the tears flowing down my cheeks just as fast as the confession flowing out of my mouth. Slowly, I lift my eyes to meet the shocked ones of the three in front of me.  

"He can't be my soulmate."  



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