5 Seconds of Summer Shorts!

Here are a couple of shorts that are sure to make your day and/or hit you right in the feels.

Some of these are in YOUR perspective, giving you the opportunity to see what these moments are like with everybody's (not so) punk band, 5 Seconds of Summer.

Others are just really cute shorts with characters.


P.S. I take requests!!!!


5. The Guitar Lesson Part II (Calum Hood)

It has been about a year since Calum has taught me how to play guitar and we've become quite close. After that one lunch period, he began to teach me every day. Eventually, it grew to the point where I was at his house after school, or he brought his guitar over on the weekends. About a month into the lessons, he introduced me to his friends, Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings. I was quite confused at first. Everyone knew that Luke and Michael hated each other, even quiet people like me. 

Then, they explained that Calum was the one to bring them together, since all three of them love to play instruments and listen to music. He blushed at the comment, waving it off, saying they were idiots. 

I thought it was cute. 

The more I hung out with Calum, the more I got to know him on a personal level as well. He's in a band with Michael and Luke, which makes him happy, but he often felt torn. He was a football prodigy, often getting scouted by the big leagues, but he loved music. He really didn't know what to do with himself. I tried to comfort him and tell him whatever he did would be right, because he would be doing something he loves, but he still would get frustrated and overthinking everything, talking about disappointing his family or choosing the wrong life and being miserable.

A few weeks later, Calum got the call that they wanted him to train in Brazil for a month to eventually join a major team. When he told me, I jumped up and down with excitement with him, but I could tell something was still wrong. His smile didn't quite reach his eyes. But, I left it alone. 

We celebrated by hanging out with Luke, Michael, and Ashton, who had just joined the band. We had a huge jam session with food and music and movies. Just jokes and fun. I loved every moment of it.

Ashton was a quirky, giggly boy, who had a sense of maturity to him that not a lot of kids his age had, for good reason. They weren't stuck as a parental figure for their younger siblings. 

But he was an incredibly talented drummer, with an amazing voice. As an outsider watching in, I loved watching the boys figure each other out and push each others buttons. Luke was incredibly awkward but intelligent, Ashton was driven, Michael was a bit of a perfectionist, despite the lack of time he spent in school, and Calum.... I could tell that Calum was the deep thinker. He always carried around this little notebook that he would whip out and start scribbling in at the most random times. 

Sometimes, during lessons, he would be in the middle of strumming some chords when he would stop and just stare off into space. I learned after a while to leave him be and grab something from the kitchen. By the time I would get back, he would be writing something down in that little notebook or putting it away. I would smile and we would continue. 


Two weeks before Calum was set to leave for Brazil, the five of us were going to my house for dinner, with my best friend, Hanhah. I was waiting for Luke, Calum, Michael, and Hannah to meet me by the school gates, but, as per usual, were taking forever. Ashton was going to meet us after his shift at KFC ended. 

My parents grew fond of the four goofballs. Whenever they would come over to hang out or just have a jam session, they would watch us with wide smiles. I knew they mainly liked them because I was a more open person than I was before meeting Calum. But I didn't mind it at all. I loved the boys. They were my boys. You could say I was their biggest fan. 

My parents kinda inspired the bands name, 5 Seconds of Summer. They would watch us laughing and joking around and say that we gave them a few second glimpse of them when they were in their younger years, having fun in the Summertime. That's when Michael pieces those key words 'Second' and 'Summer' together. He suggested 5 Second Summer, but I didn't understand the 5. I asked why 5 seconds when there's four members. He only shrugged and said that I was their friend too and I was kind of an honorary member, so why not?

I am snapped out of my daydream by someone shouting my name. I look over to see Hannah running at me like a bat out of hell, her uniform skirt flapping wildly as she ran. I caught her in my arms just as she tripped and was about to fall face first on the gravel.

"Jesus Hannah, what's gotten into you?" I ask steadying her.

"Calum... Andrew... Fight" she pants. I freeze on the spot.

"What do you mean, fight Calum and Andrew... Sunner?" I ask, praying to whatever higher power is out there for it to not be Andrew Sunner, of all people.

Of course, because higher powers are major asshats, luck was not on my side. She nods, straight black hair falling forward.

Andrew Sunner was the schools shining athlete. He was a huge muscled upperclassman who was too cocky for his own good. He had quite the reputation with the ladies as well. Sure, since he was a football prodigy, Calum had a little muscle as well, but, nothing compared to Sunner. He was practically a huge muscle mass, towering over even the taller kids.

Worst part is, he was never one to turn down a fight.

Mainly because he never lost.

I snap out of my daze when I feel Hannah pull me towards a group of kids standing in a circle. Shouts and laughter gets louder as we get closer. Faint cries of "get him Drew!" And "C'mon Calum!" Almost smack me in the face.

Somehow, Hannah manages to get the both of us to the center of the circle where Calum is on the floor, trying to deflect the kicks to his stomach by Andrew. I am frozen in fear.

Calum has a scrape on his calf that thankfully isn't bleeding too much, but he has a split lip and a cut on his cheek. Looking at Andrew, his face is pristine. Frantically, I look around and see Luke and Michael, looking lost and hopeless, not knowing what to do to help their friend.

With a burst of adrenaline, I break away from the crowd and latch on to Andrews shoulders.

"Andrew, enough! It's over! Please, just stop!" I cry out, tugging at him. He only sneers in my direction and roughly pushes me to the ground, a low 'Oof' leaving my mouth. The crowd gasps at his violence towards me.

Yeah, that's gonna leave a bruise.

When I look over at Calum, he sees me on the floor, shocked. Suddenly, his eyes flicker, making him clench his jaw. Andrew smirks at me before going back to Calum.

Hannah helps me up and worriedly asks if I'm okay. I just nod and look back at the two boys on the floor.

One second.

One second of Andrew looking at me gives Calum the opening he needs. My jaw goes slack as I watch Calum clench his fist and pull back before swinging and hitting Andrew square in the nose. He lets out an angry cry of pain as blood flows down and stains his white uniform shirt.

A shocked sound leaves almost everyone in the crowd as Calum turned the tables and flips them over. Blow after blow, Calum speaks through his teeth.

"Never. Put. Your. Filthy. Hands. On. A. Girl. Ever. Again. You. Scumbag." He says with each punch. Once he starts to slow down, Luke and Michael take this opportunity to tear him off of the groaning upperclassman, just as Mrs. Jones comes rushing through the crowd with the headmaster. I rush over to Calum who is sluggish and most definitely in pain.

Oh god.

"What is going on here?" The headmaster yells out. I shoot a pleading look at Mrs. Jones. There's too many people and both boys are not doing well. She nods slightly.

"Alright everyone! Shows over! Go home before I hand out failing grades to all of you for watching a petty fight instead of doing the homework I am very sure I gave out today." She cries out to the group. Everyone scatters, leaving me and Hannah with the two bloodied boys and Luke and Michael, along with a couple of Andrews goons.

Another teacher approaches as Mrs. Jones walks our little group to the infirmary. Andrew and his group isn't far behind us.

Thankfully, the infirmary is big enough to separate both boys and their groups of main informants. As the teachers settle both boys, I take my time to question Calum. Hannah took our stuff and is calling my mum to tell her we'll be late.

"What the hell Cal? What is wrong with you? Fighting? With Andrew Sunner of all people!?" My voice raises. He groans and looks away from me, obviously not wanting to answer.

"Calum Thomas Hood, what the hell happened?"

No answers still.


"Nothing, alright?! I don't want to talk about it, obviously, so why do you keep pushing it?" He snaps angrily. I step back, eyes wide.

"Fine." I whisper. "Fine, I'll leave it alone. See if I still care when you can't go to fucking training because you decided to be an idiot for no reason. See if I care when you come crying to me because you don't know what to do with your life!" My voice is deadly calm as I walk out the door, letting it slam behind me.

I don't know why, but I want to cry.

So I do. I angrily wipe away my tears as I bump into something- well, actually, someone. I look up to see Michael looking at me worriedly. I don't say anything and just hug him tightly. He awkwardly pats my back, not being used to physically comforting someone. Usually, he makes people feel better by cracking some jokes, but, I think he understands I don't want to joke right now.

"Oi, Prescott, what's wrong?" He says, pulling away from me.

Honestly? I'm not even sure. Yeah, I hate that Calum won't tell me what happened, but seeing him almost get the living day lights beaten out of him, is way worse.

But I feel like there's something that hasn't quite clicked yet and it's bothering me. Something about me, and maybe I'm overreacting.

Andrew is an ass, so someone was bound to kick his at some point.

But why Calum, of all people?

I look up at Michael and wonder what to tell him. I don't want him to take anything the wrong way. So, I do the logical thing.

"Mike, what the hell happened? Why did they get into a fight? You were there before me, so what happened? Calum won't tell me anything!" I huff. He scratches his neck and looks away.


I let out a light chuckle, nodding in frustrated understanding.

"You too, huh? Let me guess, Luke and Hannah too?" I ask. He hesitated before nodding slowly.

"Jesus, what is so bad about the fight that no one wants to tell me what the fuck happened? Did I do something wrong?" I ask, running a hand through my hair. He grabs me by the shoulders, looking into my eyes.

"Look, Prescott, you didn't do anything, I promise. But it's not my place to tell you anything, nor is it Luke or Han's. I can promise you one thing, though. Calum had a really good reason for fighting Sunner. Just, please, keep that in mind. Everyone knows that Calum only does something if there's a good reason."

I sigh, knowing he's right. I blew up for no reason.

"I'm just... I'm just worried, Mikey. Calum leaves for Brazil in two weeks. What if he's too injured? What about the band? God, I blew up at him and I don't know why. I just left him there, after practically telling him to fuck off and that I didn't care about him. But, I do, and I don't know why, but seeing him hurt like that, not being able to help him feel better, I feel useless!" I rant, making Michael's eyes widen slightly. He shakes his head and gains his composure again.

"Why don't you just talk to him about it?" He asks.

"Mike, you know I can't. I'm too damn prideful for that. Knowing me, I'm just gonna sulk for two weeks and not talk to him. Then I'm gonna regret it for a whole month. And then when he comes back I won't even know what to say." I say.

Michael sighs and shakes his head.

"Well then, I guess that's what's gonna happen since you have it planned out and all. I swear, you two... One minute you're only friends, the next, you are completely oblivious to the truth." He says.

"What do you mean?" I ask, confused. He opens his mouth as if he wants to say something, but is interrupted by Joy, Calum's mum running down the hall next to one of the deans.

"Christ, what happened? Why did Calum get into a fight? I swear, if he initiated it-"

"Mrs. Hood, please. You need to calm down. We've heard both sides of the story and you're going to want to as well. Calum's condition isn't terrible, but he didn't make it out unscathed" the dean assures. Joy sees Michael and I and runs over to us.

"Oh dear, I am so sorry! I know the boys were supposed to come over today, but with everything that's happened today, you mothers want you home as soon as possible and not a minute later. Crazy, that boy is." She says hugging us both.

We look at each other and nod, understanding the situation. As she walks away, she turns to us.

"By the way, Luke and Hannah are by the school gates waiting for you. Best get on your way" she says before entering the infirmary. We hear a loud gasp before the door clicks shut.


Annnd, I was right. I haven't seen Calum in a week and a half and have ignored the calls from Michael, Luke, and even Hannah. The only one who I can tolerate speaking to is Ashton, though I'm sure he knows what happened in full as well. But he wasn't there, so it doesn't bother me as much.

We never had the dinner that day. I went straight home and up to my room. Mum and dad came in to check on me a few times, but they respected the fact that I just wanted to be left alone with my homework and music. Ashton called that night and I told him what happened. He was upset that Andrew pushed me to the ground, despite my efforts to say that, yes, my butt has a small bruise, but no, I am not dying.

I do a lot of thinking while I ignore everything and everyone I know. I think about Michaels words and the way Calum acted when I was pushed by Drew. I could tell he was livid. I go way back to when he first started to teach me guitar. How even though he didn't know me, he was okay with being near me. He was kind, not rude and stupid. When I met Luke and Michael officially, they were the same way, and eventually, with Ashton part of the mix, I felt welcome with them. Like I belong in their little group.

I missed it during those days when I didn't talk to anyone. I missed the jokes and after-school jam sessions. I missed the lessons and the meaningful conversations. I missed my friends. But I missed Calum the most. I missed him so much that I just stared up at my ceiling and cried. My chest hurt and I did anything I could to ignore the dimples and squishy cheeks that popped up into my head at the worst of times. Or his giggle when he was shy about something. He was always shy.

He was always quiet, but so loud with his writing. He was funny without being obnoxious. He was smart without being (too) cocky. He was talented in so many ways, but stayed modest when he could have just as easily thrown it in the world's face.

And I loved that about him.


It hit me like a ton of bricks. The worry, the anger, the pride and sulking. I mean, I guess I always kinda knew, but accepting it was a whole other thing.

I had feelings for Calum. Like, real, genuine feelings.

Then what Michael said before Joy came started to click together. I was oblivious to how much I liked that boy. And he was oblivious to the fact that I liked him, because we were just friends.

How did I not see this sooner?

Well, you did see him get a good beating from Drew and then had a fight with him, so... That was probably the push off the cliff you needed. My mind says. I just roll my eyes and continue to overthink.

What else did I have to do?


The day before Calum left for Brazil I still hadn't spoken to any of them besides Ashton. He was trying to convince me to go see Calum before he left and I was full of sulking regret for a month.

"Ash, I'm not going to repeat myself again" I say into the speaker as I fold my laundry.

What? I had t do something to keep myself busy. Besides, mum appreciated the help,

"Kate, you need to go. He leaves tomorrow at noon. At least say goodbye at the airport. You know how much he cares about you, and I know you care about him, so why are you doing this to yourself?" Ashton tries to reason. I shake my head.

"It doesn't matter whether or not I care, it's all on Calum. He obviously doesn't care about me enough to to tell me why I had to watch him get beat half to death!" I say, throwing down the jeans that were in my hands.

"Have you thought that maybe he didn't tell you because he does care? Are you honestly that blind?" Ashton asks, frustrated.

"No, I am not blind. I know how I feel about him. And if he actually cares at all, he would tell me what the hell happened" I retort.

"And how exactly do you feel about Calum, Kate?" Ashton asks after a moment of silence.

Well then.

Didn't see that one coming.

"I... Ashton, look, that has nothing to do with this!" I try to steer the conversation away.

"Actually it has very much a lot to do with this. Now, get your ass downstairs; I'm waiting." He says before hanging up.

I drop my clothes on the bed, shocked.

Why the hell is Ashton at my house right now?

I sigh and throw my flats on, trudging down the steps. Mum is downstairs with Ashton, speaking softly near the front door. I cross my arms and clear my throat, making them both look in my direction.

Ashton's dimples pop out as he wraps me in a warm hug and I can't help but hug back. I can't be mad when he hugs me; he gives good hugs.

"Hey Kate!" He says, squeezing me a bit before letting go. I smile up at him and mumble a hi before he grabs my hand and drags me or the door.

"Be home by dinner please!" Mum calls out as Ashton gently pushes me into the passenger seat of his car and closes the door.

"No problem Mrs. Prescott! I'll make sure she's home by then!" He calls back jumping in. As we pull away, I look into the rear view mirror and see mum giggling to her self and shaking her head before going back into the house.

Ten minutes later, we pull up to the one house that is almost like my second home: the Hood house. I groan loudly, cursing myself for not seeing this sooner. Ashton only grins cheekily at me before getting out of the car and jogging over to my side and opening the door for me.

Reluctantly, I unbuckle my seatbelt and get out of the car. Fucking cheeky asshole.

Once I'm out of the car, I slam the door, making him wince slightly, and cross my arms in front on him.

"'Kay, so, please give me a reason as to why we're" I say, a little annoyed, but also a little nervous. I can't help but glance at Calum's window which has the curtains covering it, then back at Ashton.

"You need to talk to him. If you don't, we both know you're going to regret it and probably never talk to him again. You may possibly be either truly oblivious or just that stupid, but he actually does care about you. So, you're gonna go up to his front door and knock. You're gonna go in and talk to him. And don't even think about running off because I'm not leaving until you're in that house."

Damn Ashton and his parental instincts. I huff, knowing I'm not going to win this one. Before I trudge up to the house, I give Ashton a huge smile before flipping him off. He only shakes his head and chuckles, arms crossed, leaning against his car.

With another sigh, I make my way up to the front door and knock lightly, hoping no ones home. Then again, Joy's car is in the driveway, so somebody has to be home. However, she doesn't open the door.

"Kate?" Calum looks at me with wide eyes. He's wearing a t-shirt and basketball shorts. His face is a little bruised and the cut on his lip isn't completely healed. My stomach starts to flutter under his soft gaze.

"Hey" I say. "Can we talk?"

He nods, smiling, before opening the door wider and letting me in. We walk up to his room and plop down onto his bed. The silence is a little awkward, with me not really knowing what to do.

"I'm sorry" he says suddenly. Not in a pathetic or pitiful way, just soft. Understanding.

But nothing is his fault.

"Calum, you don't have to apologize. I overreacted because I was worried. You didn't wanna talk about it and I kept pushing. I should be the sorry one." I say, nudging his shoulder. He only shakes his head.

"I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to have to deal with Andrew yourself, or at all for that matter." He looks at my confused expression and sighs. "I fought him because... I fought him because he was saying stuff about... you."

"Me?" I ask.

"He was talking with his idiot friends when me, Mike, Luke, and Han were on our way to meet you. I overheard him saying that you would've been an easy lay and that he would have no problem getting you to do what he wanted. He was just saying all this degrading crap about you that I'm not repeating. So, I told him to shut up. He asked me who I thought I was, and I said your friend. He laughed in my face and shoved me, so I shoved back. Next thing I know, I'm on the floor." He laughs at my shocked expression before shaking his head.

"When I saw him put his hands on you, I got so pissed that I blacked out. Honest, the last thing I remember was punching him in the nose. Next thing I know, you're yelling at me in the infirmary. I didn't know how to tell you what happened, so I got mad."

So, he fought to protect me? He fought one of the biggest kids in school, could've gotten himself killed, and almost got expelled, just because he didn't want to have me be embarrassed? Why? Andrew was just a cocky idiot who always had his head up his ass. Why go through all that trouble for me?

I wrap my arms around Calum's neck and hold him tightly. He wraps his arms around me as well, burying his face in the crook of my neck. 

"You're such an idiot, Cal" I mumble into his neck. I feel the vibrations of his laugh through his chest. We pull away and look at each other smiling. While moving a strand of hair from his face, I look into his eyes. 

"But, thank you." I continue. He only answers with a shrug. 

"Apparently , you're not the first girl this has happened to, so he might be charged with sexual harassment. Might be kicked outta school, too" Calum says, making me gasp. 

"No way. I thought he was stupid, but this exceeds all of my expectations" I say with wide eyes. He only chuckles before moving closer and placing a hand on my arm. 

"Do you forgive me, Kate? Please. I can't go to Brazil for a month knowing you're so mad at me." He pleads while whispering. My heart picks up speed a little. 

"As long as you forgive me for being an ass" I say, trying not to blush. 

"You were worried, I get it. Nothing to be sorry for. I should have told you when you asked. But, if you're dead set on both of us being blamed for this then, yes. I forgive you. I forgave you the moment you walked out the infirmary." 

The look in his eyes makes me blush. I can't seem to meet his intense gaze. Maybe its because I have feelings for him, or because he's so genuine it hurts, but all the same, he does something to my heart. I feel a finger under my chin, lifting my gaze towards his. I glance down at his lips and he is a lot closer than he was before. 

"C-Cal?" I ask as he removes his hand. He cocks an eyebrow, waiting for me to continue. My heart is racing at the speed of light and my hands are sweaty. I've never felt this way before and I don't think I want it to leave. But, Calum is expecting me to continue, and I race to find some sort of question in my muddled brain. 

"Why did you defend me?" I ask in a low voice. He's close enough, no point in speaking any higher. A smirk makes its way onto his lips. 

"Do you remember the day we met?" He asks, just as quiet. I nod.

"You didn't know it then, but I watched you for a good five minutes before I let you know I was there. I saw the smile on your face as you tried to play the guitar, despite the fact that you had no clue how to play, and you were holding the damn thing wrong. You looked happy. I had never seen you as anything else other than the girl who's grades were always one above mine. 

"Then we started to hang out and I taught you guitar. How your face lit up every time you got something right, and I could tell you were getting attached. I'll always remember the day you played me your first song. Granted, it was really small and simple, but it made you happy. It made me happy. I decided then and there that I wasn't gonna let anything wipe that smile off your face. I couldn't let anyone make you unhappy. 

"So, when I heard Drew talking about you like that, I snapped. All I was thinking about was that I didn't want him to hurt you. I didn't wanna see you unhappy because he was deciding to be a douche. So, I stood up for you"

He finishes and I am shocked. All this time? Ever since that day in the music room? I'm speechless. 

"Now, do you understand why I defended you? Do you understand why you got so worried and angry?" He whispers, lips inching closer to my own. All I can do is stare into his eyes and nod. 

"Good. Then you wont mind me doing this."

I'm about to ask what when I feel his lips on my own, shocking me for a moment before I relax into the kiss. 

My first kiss. 

Oh boy was it the best experience. My body was going haywire. My mind was fuzzy, my fingers went numb, and all I could feel were this boy's lips on mine. And I couldn't be happier.

It was a little awkward because it was my first kiss, but something told me this was Calum's as well, which made me more confident.

When we pull away, wide eyes and smiles, I can't help but feel like I am on top of the world. 

This boy would be the end of me.

But I didn't mind, as long as there was a guitar wherever I was going.

Hey guys! (Or should I say Hey Everybody!)

So, sorry it took so long to post the ending to part II of The Guitar Lesson, but there were some technical difficulties with loading it onto here. It was suggested that I make this into a movella on its own, and while it's a great idea, I just feel like it would be better to end it here. I don't wanna keep going with it then give up on it halfway through, and then disappoint you guys cuz you love it so much, you know? Besides, I have a lot more stuff I'm planning on doing. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy, I'm working on another request I received, so PLEASE send in requests. I wanna do this for you guys. Also, I forgot to mention this, but when you're sending in requests, put the type of scenario you want. and the character you want. Just so that I don't mess anything up. If requests are slow, I wont post anything besides what I'm given, and I will move on to other projects. 

Love you guys! And thanks so much for all the reads! 


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