5 Seconds of Summer Shorts!

Here are a couple of shorts that are sure to make your day and/or hit you right in the feels.

Some of these are in YOUR perspective, giving you the opportunity to see what these moments are like with everybody's (not so) punk band, 5 Seconds of Summer.

Others are just really cute shorts with characters.


P.S. I take requests!!!!


9. Reject To Rockstar (Michael Clifford)

What's up? The name's Michael Clifford. Yeah, yeah, haha, Clifford like the friggin dog. I've heard it all.


Anyway, like I said, I'm Michael. You could say I'm probably the kid everyone wants to punch in the face at school. I'm not the stereotypical bad boy asshole, I'm just a bit of a reject, so I'm not exactly liked. I have a few friends, surprisingly so, considering I never go to school and I spend most of my time playing Guitar Hero in my room.


However, since I never go to school, the government is now threatening to take me away from my parents. And as much as I hate school, I don't know what I would do without my parents. I love my mum and dad. So, now, I guess you can say I'm kinda on a probation of sorts. In order to stay with my family, I have to go to school.


That's why I'm walking into class for the first time this week, uniform crisp, hair somewhat manageable, with a deep scowl on my face. My first class, thankfully, is English. It's one of the more tolerable classes I have. The teacher, Mr. Kent, turns to give me a look of surprise as I (unwillingly forced by my parents so that I can stay in my own home) sit in the last open seat in the front row.


"Mr. Clifford. So good of you to join us, and in the front of the class as well. Why so eager all of a sudden? Is it because you are behind?" He asks, clearly annoyed. Understandably, because I never show up, he has to teach me everything I'm behind on, which is pretty much everything we've learned so far. I just smile sheepishly at him and put my head down.


That's when I notice the stares and whispers coming my way from all across the room. I know most of these people, so I'm not exactly sure what's going on. I just shake my head and start doodling on the back page of my notebook to pass the class time. Who said that I was going to school and doing work? Maybe next time...


"I'm so sorry Mr. Kent! I was running a meeting with the animal conservatory group and it went over. I promise I will never be late again." A voice says bursting through the doors.


"Oh, no worries dear, you still have ten minutes until the beginning of class" I hear Mr. Kent reply. I scoff to myself and roll my eyes.


"Oh good, I was so scared I would be late!" The voice responds. I finally look up from my doodling to see a girl panting from running, but still having a completely smooth uniform.


How do people do that? I sit down and my uniform already has three stains and is fully wrinkled. An exaggeration, but it got my point across.


Her skin was dark brown, with hair in tight curls pushed back with a dark green headband to match our uniform. I would be lying if I said she wasn't pretty. Like, really pretty.


But she's probably the type to look down on guys like me, like the overachiever she most likely is. So, I don't pay any mind to her.


That is, until I feel a gentle tap on my shoulder and I look up to see her looking down at me and smiling not too kindly.


"Hey" I say, smiling.


"Hi. Are you new here?" She asks.


Is this girl serious?


"Uh, no?" I reply. Maybe she's dumber than I thought. A flash of confusion flickers on her face before she recovers herself and smiles again.


"Then, we obviously haven't met yet. I'm Stephanie." She says, holding her hand out. I take it in my own, trying not to notice how smooth it is.


"Michael" I say simply, before smiling and going back to my doodling. Honestly, why do I feel like she's not just being friendly and introducing herself?


"Well Michael, as I'm sure you must be aware, you're sitting in my seat, and I would kinda like to be able to sit in it." She says. I can tell she's a little on edge by the tone of her voice.


Ah, a control freak. I look up and smirk.


"Actually, I wasn't aware that this seat was designed to be yours specially, or that we had assigned seats. Surely you can understand since you didn't seem to realize that people in this room know me because I am not, in fact, a new kid." I say. A couple of gasps are heard around our little conversation. So, that's why I was getting the paparazzi looks from kids around me. I guess people don't talk back to this girl.


Before she can retaliate, the bell signals the start of class.


"Alright class, settle down and find a seat to sit in, you know I don't care as long as you're learning. Stephanie, please take a seat, maybe behind Mr. Clifford?" Mr. Kent calls out.


"But Mr. Kent-"


"Please Stephanie, take a seat. You're one of my best students, please don't ruin it over a seat. I'm sure it will be there tomorrow morning." Mr. Kent sighs, before telling the class to open their textbooks.


"Yeah, Steph, it'll be here tomorrow, relax" I say smugly, sitting back in my seat. Her head whips in my direction, her eyes hard, almost black. It makes my blood freeze.


"Never call me that again, and never tell me to relax." She growls before taking her things and sitting in the back of the room where I would usually sit.


Well then. I manage to come back to school and piss someone off this early? That's gotta be a personal record.




By the time lunch rolls around, I'm exhausted. I just want to go home and sleep. I'll probably end up doing that later.


"Michael, wait up!" I hear a voice call behind me. I turn to see Calum, my best friend walking over, lunch in hand. He finally catches up and we handshake before sitting down under our favorite tree to eat.


"So, how come you decided to come back on a Monday of all days? You never come in on Mondays even when you decide to show up." He says, mouth full of sandwich. I shrug and feel a pang of guilt in the pit of my stomach.


"Government says if I don't start going to school everyday and improving they're gonna take me away from my parents." I mumble. I scoff at my best friends shocked expression. "C'mon mate, don't act so surprised, we all know I'm a screwup. It was only a matter of time, you know?"


"Don't say that! You're not a screwup. You're just stuck in a bad position. We all know school isn't for you. Unfortunately you have to go. But the government, really?" He asks, still shocked. I nod, biting my apple and staring across the grass, spotting that Stephanie girl from earlier.


She's sitting by herself, immersed in a book, munching on some toast, with headphones in her ears.


"Hey, you know any Stephanie's around?" I ask, nudging my best friend. He looks where I am and smirks.


"Yeah, bit of an overachiever, to put it lightly. She's intimidating, but she's not as bad as you might think. Schools pretty serious to her." He says. I scoff.


That's an understatement.


"You interested or something?" Calum continues. I look at him and shake my head, scoffing again.


"No way, bro. She spazzed out on me for sitting in her seat in the front row earlier. Sounds like a control freak if you ask me. I swear if Mr. Kent hadn't told her to sit somewhere else, she wouldda ripped my head off." I reply. He only chuckles and finishes his sandwich.


I look back over towards the girl to see her look up from her book and look around. Somehow, our gazes find each other and I feel the chill from where I'm sitting as her gaze hardens and she looks away.


I gotta try to stay away from her.




The rest of the week goes by slowly and torturously. Thankfully the weekend hits and I can lock myself in my room for two days.




However, it seems I won't be able to do that when I get home and both of my parents are waiting for me.


Literally, like its the freakin' Godfather or something.


"Hey, mum. Dad. Everything okay?" I ask, already knowing the short answer: no. Mum sighs and looks at dad who clears his throat.


"Have a seat" he says.


Uh oh.


I quickly take my seat and look at them nervously, heart pounding. I raise both my hands in defense and speak quickly.


"Look, I've been going to school every day. I haven't skipped one class and I've been sitting in the front row. I haven't even been going to friends houses after school. I've even been somewhat participating. I swear I haven't done anything wrong. It's only been a week, guys" I say, starting to feel a little hopeless. Mum stands up and walks over to me, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.


"Honey, we promise it's nothing to have a heart attack over. We know you've been in school. We know you're trying. But..." She trails off, looking at dad. He sighs.


"But what?" I ask, still nervous.


"But, Michael, the whole thing isn't just going to school and sitting in the front row, answering one or two questions a day. It has to show you're trying in your work." Dad says. "Work that you haven't seemed to be doing and/or giving in"


"I've been doing work" I say defensively.


"Asking your friends, including Calum, for all the answers isn't work." He shoots back. I slump in my seat.


"Look, Michael. We've spoken to your teachers. You're not stupid. But you seem to struggle with focus, therefore hindering your ability to actually absorb and learn. So, we've come up with a solution." Mum says softly, fixing my ever growing fringe.


I don't like where this is going one bit.


"Your teachers and the both of us thought it be best that for now you be paired with a student who can help you. You'll have all the same classes and they will help you with anything you're struggling in."


"So a babysitter." I deadpan.


"Oh goodness no! More of a..." Mum trails off looking for a name that isn't so juvenile.


"Tutor" dad finishes simply. Mum smiles and looks at me, squeezing my shoulder gently.


"Yes! A tutor, who is around your age and maybe can understand you more than we can."


Are they serious? "Understand" me? What am I, some kinda lab experiment?


"Whatever" I mumble shrugging mums arm from around my shoulder and standing up. "Can I go to my room?"


"Yes, go ahead" dad says, looking at mums slightly wounded expression. I shrug off the small pit in my stomach and jog up to my room, flopping down on my bed with an exasperated sigh.


This is gonna be a rough year.




Stephanie's POV


"You wanted to see me?" I ask sweetly, sitting down in the headmasters office. I smooth down my already pristine skirt and smile. The headmaster smiles at me warmly from his desk, leaning forward.


I'm so glad that the weekend is over and I can hand in all the work I did this weekend. It's always a relief to get rid of papers and work.


"Yes, Stephanie. As we are all well aware, you are the top of your class and on your way to becoming quite successful." He says. I feel my chest swell with pride at the thought before he continues. "Now, because of your outstanding excellence and rigor in extra curricular activities, I have decided that you would be the perfect candidate for becoming a... Peer tutor of sorts."


"Peer tutor? Headmaster, I am a tutor already." I say, confused. I tutor the younger grades after school twice a week. He nods in agreement.


"Yes, but this is more of a sensitive kind of tutoring. You see, there is a student who is in need of... extra help if you will. If he doesn't get this help, there may be dire consequences on his end." The headmaster says sadly. I feel awful for whoever this student is.


"Oh my, headmaster, is this student special needs? I will help in any way I can. I'm not exactly qualified-" I start to protest. The headmaster raises his hands slightly.


"Oh nothing of the sort. He is in your grade, actually. The thing is, he is a smart student, but doesn't apply himself the way he needs. We were thinking that maybe you would be able to help him get back on track. You're his age, smart, very much so qualified; I couldn't suggest a better student to help him." I feel a slight blush creep up on my cheeks as he speaks. Then, curiosity strikes.


"Headmaster... Who is this student that I will be helping, exactly?" I ask.


Right after I ask, the door opens and the headmaster stands.


"Ah, Michael! Welcome back. Glad to see you've made it on time! Stephanie, please stand and introduce yourself to Michael Clifford, the student you will be helping for the next six months."

I turn slowly, hoping that when I turn around I won't be face to face with the same Michael Clifford that was a complete ass to me last week. But of course I would be wrong about that. When I completely turn, the smile I had disappears and the anger replaces it.


However, it is soon replaced with curiosity when I take in the boy before me.


When I first met him, I found him quite handsome with bright green eyes dancing with mischief and a sneaky smirk settled on his lips. Now, his eyes are a dull green, almost lifeless, and his face is completely sullen. His hands are jammed into his pockets with a permanent frown on his pink lips. He looks like he hasn't slept for months.


When he finally looks up at me, his eyes widen slightly before he recovers himself and looks down at their shoes as if they are fascinating.


"Headmaster" I begin slowly. I can't do this. I'm not going to help out the very prick who embarrassed me in front of an entire class, plus Mr. Kent. It took me forever to get him to like me and this kid almost ruined that.. "I very much appreciate the offer, but I don't think I will be able to reach the expectations you have of me. Pretty much being a teacher myself for another student, having their success on my shoulders, surely you can see I am not fit for this."


"Of course you are, dear! You're the top of the class!"


"But sir-"


"Now, you will be starting today and everyday you will spend lunch together, in the library, studying. If you improve quickly, Michael, the amount of time you deal with this will be shortened. Surely that's fair." The headmaster reasons. I try my hardest to suppress a groan. I can't win, honestly.


"Yes sir" we say simultaneously before we are dismissed to our first class. The class is al the other end of campus so the walk is long and awkward. That is, until Michael stops suddenly and walks somewhere else.


"Hey, where are you going? Class is this way!" I point to English.


"Not going" he says over his shoulder.


"What do you mean, not going? You have to go to class. That's kinda the purpose" I say, completely baffled at his audacity. He stops and turns around, green eyes narrowed.


"What do you even care? You tried getting rid of me five minutes ago. Well, I'm leaving and you will be in peace. Ta Da!" He shoots back, sarcasm dripping from every word. I huff, exasperated.


"You do realize that if you don't do what you need, I get in trouble? Honestly, can you not be a freaking idiot for a few minutes and think about the consequences of your actions? I mean-"


"Consequences?!?" He practically roars. "You wanna talk to me about consequences? I know I'm an idiot, I know I'm a screwup, the government made that very clear, and because of that, I am terrified. I know what my consequences will be if I don't go to class, but there is no hope for me. I've practically lost everything already."


There are tears streaming down his cheeks, voice cracked from yelling. He sits down on the grass and puts his head in his hands, with shaking shoulders. I am staring at the handsome, mischievous boy completely break in front of me and I am shocked. Slowly, I walk over to the boy who only believes he's a reject and sigh, plopping down next to him and hesitantly placing a hand in your shoulder.

"What do you mean by 'the government' showed you that you were a screwup?" I ask. He sniffles before picking up his head and looking at me.


"If I don't go to school and improve, I'm getting taken away from my parents. I'm gonna lose everything. I can't lose it" he begins to cry again as I look at him, stunned.


"You just want to be with your family." I whisper. He nods, wiping his eyes. I rustle through my bag and hand him a tissue.


"Look, I... I'm sorry I judged you. I thought you were some asshole who didn't care about anything. If it makes you feel better, I hate school too." I admit.


"What do you mean?" He asks, curious.


"Well, I hate school. I don't wanna be here as much as you don't, if not more. The only way I can do that is work my ass off and get out. And by get out, I don't just mean the school, I mean, this town. I want to get out of here so bad. I want to travel and see the world. So, I work hard for what I want.


"You, however, do the opposite. You want out so bad you are willing to compromise everything for it. Trust me, if you at least work a little every day, you can get out. You don't have to be like me, because everyone's different. You never know, we both could continue down our same roads and I will never leave my house while you're the one traveling the world"


"So, does this mean you'll help me? I can't do this by myself. I need help. I'm begging you and I never beg" he says, completely serious. I smile softly at him and nod, making him sigh in relief and wrap his arms around me. The gesture shocks me at first, but then I wrap my arms around him, feeling butterflies in my stomach.


Oh geeze.


I can't help but feel warmth in my chest at his touch and goosebumps on my neck where he's breathing. I find myself... liking this soft side of his. It new and he reminds me of myself.


"Thank you Steph. I promise I will do whatever to improve" he says, pulling away. I glare at him a little.


"Well, first of all, never call me Steph. I hate it. My friend used to call me that until I realized she was a backstabbing bitch and then she was no longer my friend and no one could call me that without reminding me of how much I wanted to rip her face off" I say sternly. He pales slightly.


"Remind me to never piss you off. Again" he says, gulping. I chuckle and shake my head.


"It's all good. You're good. Now let's get you from reject to..." I trail off, thinking of a word.


"Rockstar?" He suggests with a bit of hope. I nod and laugh.


"Sure. Reject to Rockstar. Got a nice ring to it"



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