5 Seconds of Summer Shorts!

Here are a couple of shorts that are sure to make your day and/or hit you right in the feels.

Some of these are in YOUR perspective, giving you the opportunity to see what these moments are like with everybody's (not so) punk band, 5 Seconds of Summer.

Others are just really cute shorts with characters.


P.S. I take requests!!!!


2. Mr. Cuddles (Luke Hemmings)

 The sunlight is streaming through the window to your bedroom and you and Luke are slowly waking up in the onesies you got each other for Christmas. You got him a giraffe onesie that has a hood with ears and everything. He couldn't look more adorable. Of course, he got you a penguin onesie. When you ask him why he got you that one in particular, he says its because he "wants to be able to cuddle with his very own, real-life penguin" 

Of course, that's his nickname for you. You're a happy person and waddle a little when you walk, because you seem to have a bounce in your step. It also helps that you are shorter than him. Therefore, penguin. You wear that nickname with pride. 

Looking at your giraffe, you smile a little. The hood is almost completely covering his face. Little snores are escaping his lips. You love the way his lips form a perfect o when he exhales. Adorable. You take this as an opportunity to take a picture of him. When you're done, you make sure to make it your new wallpaper.

You decide that it's time to get out of bed, since it's almost eleven, and the both of you have been sleeping in since he came home a week ago. You decide to push back his hood and poke his nose to wake him up. His nose wiggles when you poke him, making you giggle. 

"Hey" you whisper, poking his nose again. He wiggles his nose again and let's out a grunt. 

"Hey, Luke. We should do something today. Maybe go out and watch a movie." You say a little louder. One beautiful blue eye opens and looks at you. It narrows as if analyzing you. Finally, he lets out a grunt.

"No" he mumbles before turning around with his back to you. You roll his eyes at his childishness. Smirking, you know exactly what to do. Struggling, you climb on top of his curled up form and poke him everywhere. His stomach, cheeks, arms, sides, everywhere. His entire body convulses as he groans in protest. Finally, he's able to gently toss you back on to the bed. You land on your butt and pout.

"Alright. Fine. If you don't wanna do anything today, then I'll do something without you." You say, climbing out of bed. You look behind you and see that he is still curled up. You sigh and start to look for something to wear. You get he's tired but geeze! He's been in the apartment for a week straight, catching up on sleep and relaxing. Actual oxygen is important too. 

Suddenly, arms are around your waist and your feet are no longer on the ground. You let out a shocked gasp. 

"Luke, what the actual hell are you doing?" You say as he tosses you back on the bed. When you look at his face, it's set in a grumpy frown. He climbs in next to the bed and locks his arms around you, pulling you close. 

"I want to cuddle with my penguin. That's what I want to do today. Why can't I cuddle with my penguin?" he asks in his adorable morning voice. You have to remind yourself that you are annoyed at him.

"Because your penguin is hungry and  would like to breathe in fresh air." You say, trying to break free from his grasp. It only makes his arms wrap tighter around you.

"Penguin can always go to the kitchen for food, come back and open the window, and eat in bed." He  replies. You roll your eyes.

"You have an answer for everything, don't you?" You ask, getting more annoyed now. He takes notice and his arms immediately untangle themselves. 

"I'm sorry." He mumbles, and completely melts your heart. "You're right. We should-"

"Aw, Luke, wait." You say, scooting closer to wrap your arms around his neck. "I shouldn't be annoyed with you. You guys just came back from tour, and I wasn't thinking that maybe you need way more than a weeks rest to feel better."

"It's fine" he says, sulking. 

Leaning up, you place a kiss on his nose and look up into his eyes. "Penguin is sorry?" 

His lips break out into your favorite smile and he pulls you close again, nuzzling your neck.

"Penguin is comfy" he mumbles. You stay like this for a while before a loud growl interrupts your cuddle session. Luke looks up at you, blushing a little. You laugh, arching an eyebrow.

"You wanna eat now?" You ask, poking him in his side. He nods, but looks sad that he has to get out of your cuddle.

"Tell you what. We get up and get dressed to get some breakfast. When we come back, we can be Penguin and Giraffe again, but on the couch. With FIFA and Netflix" you say, wiggling your eyebrows. Once you finish, you know you got him.

His smile is wide all throughout breakfast. He practically inhales his food, as if that would help you get home faster. Once you're finally on the couch, he tackles you and pulls you as close as he can, putting your feet up on the connecting seat. All the while, you're laughing at his cuddly nature. 

"Okay! Okay, Mr. Cuddles! I think we're close enough" you say, still giggling. His eyes snap up to meet yours.

"What did you call me?" He asks, eyes wide.

"Mr. Cuddles? What, you don't like it?" You ask. He shakes his head.

"No, I like it better than giraffe" he says, smiling wide. You can't get enough of his smile. 

"Mr. Cuddles it is then"

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