5 Seconds of Summer Shorts!

Here are a couple of shorts that are sure to make your day and/or hit you right in the feels.

Some of these are in YOUR perspective, giving you the opportunity to see what these moments are like with everybody's (not so) punk band, 5 Seconds of Summer.

Others are just really cute shorts with characters.


P.S. I take requests!!!!


4. Massage Therapy (Ashton Irwin)

As you sit backstage with the guys after their show, you are trying to diffuse the tension within the room. To say the show wasn't a good one for them is an understatement. Usually, it isn't your job to do this for the guys, as their hair dresser/ stylist, but tonight was hard: there was a meet and greet before the show and one of the fans told them how their best friend committed suicide a few months ago and they were meant to go to the show together, since they were both big fans and looked up to the four Aussies. They both sought out their music to feel better when times were tough. 

Although the show itself was amazing as always, each boy had the same thing on their mind during the show, making the energy levels lower enough for only them to notice. The fans, as always took notice of this as well, despite the fact that they had the time of their lives. Constant tweets were coming in, asking what was wrong, and why they all got teary at one point or another, hoping everything was okay. 

Each boy handled the information differently: Calum stayed quiet, writing in his little notebook, Luke didn't even touch his food, not bothering to satisfy the rumbling in his stomach telling him he needed to eat, and Michael had his headphones shoved in his ears, playing a game on his phone. But, you could tell Ashton took it the hardest, since the moment they all walked off stage, he went off on his own, probably to another room to blow off steam. Nobody has seen him since, so you decide to leave the other boys to their own devices and check up on him. 

Luckily, it doesn't take you very long to find him, since he's only a few doors down. You can hear his music playing softly through the door. Gently, you tap your knuckles against the solid surface. After a moment, the door opens to reveal a shirtless Ashton with a solemn look on his face. You smile at him gently. 

"Can I come in?" you ask. He nods and opens the door a little wider to let you through. You look around as he closes the door and take in the little hideaway he's created for himself. His music is a little louder now that you're in the room and realize its Whitesnake. Theres a mat on the floor with a water bottle on the floor, his shirt thrown over the couch. 

"You need anything?" he asks softly. You turn to him and shake your head. 

"Just wanna see how you're doing" You smirk before continuing. " I thought Whitesnake was saved for Wednesdays" you joke, nudging him gently, earning a smile from the hazel-eyed boy. 

"Yeah, well, its nice to work out to. I'm good though" he replies, walking over to the mat and laying down. You perch yourself on the couch and watch as he does his exercises.

You're used to seeing the boys butt naked, since you dress them every day, so seeing them shirtless doesn't really phase you. That doesn't stop you from taking a peek every once in a while. You're young and single, so, why not let your eyes wander? Although, you can't help but notice that your eyes tend to wander to Ashton more often than not.

You have a bit of a soft spot for his toned muscles and his ruggedly handsome looks. More so than the other boys, which is really saying something, considering none of them dissapoint.

That's why you really don't mind watching him exercise.

When he's finished with his rounds, he sits up and hangs his head between his knees, wrapping his arms around himself. A sad sigh leaves his lips, making your heart ache for him.

After a moment, you stand up and walk over to him, before sitting by his side.

"Wanna talk about it?" You ask gently. He looks up at you with sad eyes before speaking.

"It's just... It really sucks, you know? We do everything we can to help others with our music. But every time we hear about someone..." He doesn't finish, but looks away instead. You place a hand on his shoulder, feeling his tense muscles.

"I know what you mean, Ash. It sucks, to feel like you're making this huge difference in the world, but the moment one negative thing happens, your whole world comes crashing down. But, you gotta realize that for every negative, there's a thousand positives. You can't let these lives lost be in vain." You think for a minute, debating whether or not you should ask your next question, but decide to anyway. "Wanna hear a story?"

Ashton looks back up at you, confused by your sudden question, but nods anyway. You smile before patting him on the shoulder.

"Good. Now lay down on your stomach. You feel like you have boulders for body parts" you say with a smirk. He shrugs and follows your instructions. Once he's settled, you start to work out the kinks in his neck and shoulders.

"So, there was this girl I once knew. She had it tough. Like, to the point where she didn't want to live anymore. Home terrified her, since her fathers relationship was the definition of evil stepparent, and school was no better. She had it rough when she was a lot younger, so she wasn't able to defend herself at that point in time. Mind you, she was eleven in middle school, so she was also going through puberty." You chuckle as your hands make their way down Ashton's back. You feel him start to relax and begin to get lost in the way his skin feels under your fingertips.

"What happened?" His voice interrupts your thought process. You clear your throat and blush slightly before continuing.

"Well, what happened to her happens to anyone in her situation. She got depressed. In the seventh grade, she began to wonder how much better she would feel, how others would feel if she were gone. That was the first time she attempted suicide." You feel him tense and take in a sharp breath. You finish his back and neck and instruct him to flip over and close his eyes.

"You're not done?" He asks, hope filling his voice. You chuckle a little at his behavior.

"No. Now keep your eyes closed and focus on your breathing" you demand and he obliged. Taking both of your thumbs, you gently massage in between his eyebrows and press along his brow bones, before making gentle circular motions over his temples. After you've gained a rhythm you decide to keep going with the story.

"Every day for three years, she would step as close as she could to the edge of the train platform, hoping that that would be the day she finally did it. That she would finally be able to jump. But for about a year, her sophomore year to be exact, she did well. Really well actually. She wasn't around negativity anymore, though she was still bullied some.

"When she became a junior in high school, things started to go downhill again. She became depressed and she began to feel anxious all the time. It got to the point where she was thinking of ending it all for good this time.

"At the time, no one knew about how she felt. Not even her closest friends or parents. But the one thing that always made her feel like she wasn't crazy was music. All her life, whenever times got tough, she would lose herself in music."

At this point, you're not even massaging his head anymore, you're playing with his damp curls and staring off into space as you tell your story. You don't even realize that Ashton's eyes are open and he's staring at you intently.

"One day, she found a new kind of music. This music helped her in ways she never would have imagined. It made her smile for real, not the BS smiles she gave everyone else. She felt happier.

"Unfortunately, she also began to realize that she really wasn't okay and she needed help. So, she told her parents and therapist, and was admitted into the hospital that night. It was awful. She was crying, her parents were emotional, it was a mess. She had to stay for a week.

"But in that week, something changed. She opened up and once she left, she began to feel better. And it was all because of a band. As time went on, she gained confidence in herself and decided to follow her dreams of being a stylist and hair dresser. She went to college and worked with all kinds of people. She networked, and worked her way up the ranks until she was well known. To this day, she credits the band who inspired her to get better and live her life.

"It had been her goal to work with the band who inspired her so much, so she did whatever she could to be noticed. She wanted to one day tell them her story, so that they knew how much they meant to her. Luckily, she had worked with another artist who knew the band and they recommended her. When she got the call, she freaked out and called everyone she knew.

"Now, she has her dream job and gets to be with the very people who saved her life. And she couldn't be happier"

You finish the story and become surprised when you feel his strong arms wrap around you. His face buried itself in the crook of your neck.

"Thank you for that" he whispers in your neck before pulling away. His thumbs wipe at your cheeks and pull away wet. You hadn't realized you were crying.

"You're very welcome" you say smiling, trying to make sure your makeup isn't trailing down your face like a raccoon.

You both sit in a comfortable silence before he pipes up again, rolling his shoulders.

"By the way, where did you learn to do that? I feel amazing! You have, like, magic masseuse powers." He says with a slight bit of wonder.

"My cousin is a massage therapist. She taught me some stuff when I had an ex who messed up his back cleaning an airplane." You inform. If you didn't know better, you would say Ash's eyes lit up when you said 'ex'. You shake the thought out of your head. You must be hallucinating.

"You gotta do it more often! I swear, you're a lifesaver" he says, making you shake your head and laugh.

"No way, Irwin. I already have a job and that's to make sure you four children don't look like a three year old dressed you and did your hair. And if I find out you told the other guys I'll deny it and then put you through hell when no ones watching" you threaten playfully. He only smirks.

"I wasn't planning on telling those three anyway. I figured we could keep this between us. Besides, it's creepy enough that they're constantly staring at you. If you give them massages they'll end up with problems that nobody wants to deal with." He replies, making you blush slightly and swat at his arm.

Okay, so maybe you aren't hallucinating and he's actually trying to tell you something. You think on it for a moment.


"Well, how would you know they're staring? Unless you're staring as well?" You shoot back, cocking an eyebrow. Now it's his turn to blush.

"Maybe I am. Maybe I think that you're pretty and caring and kind and brave and an amazing person. But we'll never know, now will we?" He asks, making your jaw unhinge and your eyes widen. He continues. "Eh, it's whatever though. I'm sure that even if I thought that way, you're way out of my limit. I don't wanna overstep any boundaries"

"You wouldn't overstep any boundaries." You reply immediately. He looks at you, shocked. "Uh, I-I mean, you know, I uh, I like compliments." You try and fail to save yourself.

"Oh" he says with wide eyes. You move to leave but he stops you with a hand on your wrist.

"Cuz if you really didn't mind, I'd tell you everyday. I'd tell you that you're one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I would always make sure that you don't feel alone. I would- I would tell you how I feel every day, even if you don't feel the same." His words come out rushed at first, but become stronger and clearer the more he speaks. You turn to face him, frozen in place by his bright hazel eyes.

"Look, I know this is sudden and I'm probably coming on way too strong, but when you tell me your story and how much this band means to you, I can't help myself. I can't help myself from thinking about how strong and beautiful you are. Please, just consider it. Consider me" he finishes his mini rant, leaving you with racing thoughts and a pounding heart.


What just happened?

Ashton Fletcher Irwin. That's what. He just told you what you've only been dreaming about for years. Except it's not a dream this time: it's very real.

Maybe it's the fact that he just confessed his feelings for you, maybe it's just because you've had a crush on him for ages, or maybe it's because everyone's emotional, but none of that stopped you from grabbing his face in your hands and pressing your lips to his.

His stubble scratches you a little but you pay it no mind. All you feel is his lips and his hands resting on your hips. It's a slow kiss, not a crazy make out or one that will lead to places that are not appropriate for a dressing room at a stadium. But it doesn't mean you don't feel like your entire body is about to explode from the excitement.

The door opening and loud laughter interrupts the kiss, making you two pull apart and whip your heads around to see who it is. You both step away from each other, blushing, while Ashton scratched the back of his neck.

Of course, it's the three other idiots. And they're dying of laughter. That is, until Michael holds his hand out. Luke and Calum suddenly grow annoyed and pull out your wallets, each placing a crisp five in his hand.

"See, if only you listened to me, nobody would lose money." He says, pocketing the bills.

"You guys made a bet?" You blurt out, on the verge of murdering them. Ashton looks about ready to help you. They simply shrug.

"You two have been having staring contests for months. When you left to go check up on him, you took forever." Michael explains.

"So that's reason enough to make a bet?"

"Hey, look, Calum was the one who was saying you two were gonna be going at it like rabbits. Luke said nothing was gonna happen. Of course, between the stress and the fact that you two have eye sex whenever possible, something finally had to happen." He defends.

You pinch the bridge of your nose.

"All three of you, just get out before I come up with ways to make all three of you completely bald for the rest of your lives." You say. Michael and Calum laugh while walking out while Luke looks genuinely concerned for his quiff. You shoot him a wicked grin, making him squeak and run after the other two.

You look at Ashton and you both burst into fits of laughter, holding on to each other for support. Once you are able to calm down, you look at each other.

"I meant it, you know. Everything I said before." He says, leaning close. You nod, not needing words to express your understanding. You just press your lips to his once more before pulling away.

"So, maybe we could, you know, go out sometime? Like, on a date?" You ask. He smiles warmly and wraps an arm around your shoulder.

"Sounds great to me. Although I kinda wish I had asked you first." He replies leading you out of the room, not bothering to pick up his stuff.

"Maybe next time"

It's up! It's finally up!!!!! I did it!!! Oh my god!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Let me know what you think and don't forget to send in requests!!!! I'm working on a request as we speak!!! AGHHHHHH

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