5 Seconds of Summer Shorts!

Here are a couple of shorts that are sure to make your day and/or hit you right in the feels.

Some of these are in YOUR perspective, giving you the opportunity to see what these moments are like with everybody's (not so) punk band, 5 Seconds of Summer.

Others are just really cute shorts with characters.


P.S. I take requests!!!!


1. The Promise (Michael Clifford)


You're curled up on a big couch, nodding off while watching a movie. The lights are off, just the way you like it, along with a bag of popcorn on your lap, barely eaten. Michael was supposed to be home forever ago. What is taking him so long? The movie is boring, but it's the only thing on at the moment.


Finally, after what seems like forever, you hear the door open and close softly through your sleepy state. Footsteps come towards you and stop. You feel the bag leave your lap and a blanket draped over you. A hand smooths your hair, making your eyes open. When you look up, Michael is looking down at you with a soft smile. You stretch and smile back at him.


"Hi" you say, happy he's finally here. His hand moves down to your cheek, cupping it lovingly.


"Sorry I'm late. I had to pick up something on my way home" he says. He moves so that he's sitting next to you on the couch. He wraps his arm around you to pull you close, so that you can put your head on his chest.


"How was the rest of the tour?" You ask, yawning. You feel his chuckle through the vibration of his chest.


"I can tell you about it in the morning. You're tired. You shouldn't have waited up for me." He replies, a smile in his voice.


"I wanted to, Mikey! You know how much I missed you." You whine, burying your face in his chest. He laughs even more at your childish tone.


"Well, since you waited for me, I guess I can give you this now" he says, shifting to get something out of his pocket. "Close your eyes"


You do as you're told and shut your eyes. Gently, his long fingers wrap around your wrist and pull it towards his chest. You feel him bend his head to place a kiss on the back of your hand.


A small clinking noise catches your attention, along with the disappearance of Michael's warmth on your wrist. It is replaced by something cold and hard. You giggle a little at the feeling.


"Okay, open" he says, excitement filling his voice now. You open your eyes to see a beautiful silver charm bracelet. You gasp, completely shocked. On closer inspection, you notice that each charm represents a different place: the opera house in Australia, the Eiffel Tower in France, and even a flower for New Jersey.


"Oh my god" you whisper, delicately fingering each piece. There must be at least a hundred pieces on here.


"You like it? I remembered when you said that you wanted one thing from every place I went. A t-shirt or a keychain wouldn't be enough for you. I had to do something better, unforgettable. So, I came up with this. Whenever I go to a new place, I find the nearest jeweler and get a piece that represents that place. That's why I was late"


"What do you mean? Did you get it touched up or something?" You ask, confused. He shakes his head.


"I got the last piece, for my last stop." He replies, looking at the bracelet. You look down at the pieces and go through them, until you find one that makes you stop in your tracks completely. Your breathing stops and you begin to shake, tears forming in your eyes.


It's a promise ring. Simple band with a single diamond. The engraving on the side reads: You are where my heart will always belong.


"You are my last stop, and hopefully, I never have to leave." He whispers in your ear. Looking at him, you realize how much you love him, and wrap your arms around his neck.


"Thank you" you whisper shakily into his neck.


"No matter what happens, never forget that you are the one who holds my heart in your hands." He whispers back. You pull away to look in his beautiful eyes.


"And you have mine. Forever and always." You say.


"Forever and always"


Hi guys! I'm new here and I love making short imagines about the guys. Some are longer than others, but I hope you enjoy them!

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