Luke's twin sister

Luke and Ollie are twins. Luke takes a fancy to Ollie's best friend Erin and Luke's band member likes Ollie. Will it all end well?
Despite this, Ashton finds himself choosing between his friends and his new girlfriend. Also, Michael is in a bit of a pickle regarding his new choice of hair colour.


3. 3

Ollie's pov

After that dramatic tragedy of me smacking my face on a trolley because of my dick of a brother.

We went home and of course Mom lectured us and then sent us to our room. I sat and played This is Gospel by Panic! At the disco really loud and through my pink speakers. Of course I received a knock on the door from my dear brother but I ignored it and led down in my bed and stared at my ceiling.

My thoughts trailed to Michael Clifford. I had heard he is pretty funny and nice but I think I just got on the wrong side of him but he doesn't scare me. Calum Hood, I know he plays soccer because he went to mine and Luke's primary school and me and him were on the team. We hardly spoke though. I think I was scared of people and interaction with humans. I've changed of course. I've now had a few fights here and there, got into trouble at school, had shouting matches and of course made some friends.

Jen was my best friend. She was small and dark and really pretty, she's half Spanish which I think is pretty cool so she helps me with my Spanish homework.

I called her and she picked up almost instantly.

"Oh hey Ollie" she said.

"Hi Jen" I told her about Calum and Michael and she knew them of course because they hung out with her cousin, Ashton. Ashton Irwin, I knew he worked at KFC which was weird. I don't know why but it is. I think Mom used to tutor him in maths because she mentioned him once or twice saying how Luke should give up his music dream to become someone like Ashton.

"They go to our school, I'm in Calum's class and I sit next to him. He's pretty nice you know" Jen said.

"He didn't say anything but he kept staring at me when Luke bust my nose" I said.

"Luke bust your nose?" She asked in horror. I nodded.

"I'll get revenge though don't worry Jen" I laughed.

"You always make it worse. Anyway Got to go. My Grandma is coming over. I'll see you soon" Jen said.

"Bye then" I said and we hung up.

"Olivia, Luke, Jack, Ben, dinner!" I heard several doors open and I ran out to. We always had this kind of race to get down first. It always resulted in someone falling.

We all got there safely. Mom sat at the head of the table and Dad at the other side. Me and Luke sat on one side and Jack and Ben sat on the other.

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