Luke's twin sister

Luke and Ollie are twins. Luke takes a fancy to Ollie's best friend Erin and Luke's band member likes Ollie. Will it all end well?
Despite this, Ashton finds himself choosing between his friends and his new girlfriend. Also, Michael is in a bit of a pickle regarding his new choice of hair colour.


2. 2

"You can both have five dollars each" Mom said as she got a trolley and forced Luke to push it. I sat in the trolley and told him to ride to the food aisle where I practically lived.

"Don't be idiots" Mom called after us.

I shouted back 'we wont'

I jumped out and told Luke to get in because Luke was slow and I could run faster.

We got there but there were two other kids on the aisle. I recognised them immediately. Michael Clifford and Calum Hood. Luke hated them but I didn't really know them. I walked over and grabbed some oreos.

"OMG whats a girl doing with Hemmings?" Michael asked. Was he really a dumbass?

"Shut up" Luke mumbled from the cart which I had pulled towards me.

"Or what?" Michael said getting kind of cocky.

Luke stayed silent.

"Thats what I thought freak" Michael laughed.

"Hey shut up you fucking prick" I called at his turned back.

He turned back and looked at me.

"Hemmings tell your hoe not to talk to me"

That was it. I grabbed hold of Michael's collar.

"Don't you ever call me a hoe and leave my brother alone you fucking dickhead" I was pulled of by Calum who looked surprised.


"Twins. We figured" I scoffed.

"I swear down, she ever touches me I'll kill her" Michael sai to Calum walking away.

"Now they are going to be even more horrible" Luke folded his arms.

"Oh grow a pair of balls. How are we even related" I scoffed turning away and scanning the shelves.

Calum's pov

When I first saw her and Luke it clicked. They are related. Twins. I knew it. The same pair of eyes looking at me. Then the blonde hair. They were exactly alike- same height, same style, just different personalities. She was really tough and not bothered but Luke was more cautious and quiet.

I watched her as Michael started cursing at her.

"Hey she's kinda hot though" I interrupted Michael in his rant. Michael looked at her for a minute.

"True but its Luke's twin" Michael hated Luke. I always thought Luke seemed really cool but I'm best friends with Michael.

"Maybe you and Luke could actually get along" I suggested tactfully.

Michael started laughing and I frowned.

"Come on" Liz Hemmings strolled past us.

"Coming" The girl ran forward.

"Ollie slow down, I'm glad you two didnt get into any trouble this time" Liz took the trolley off Ollie and started to walk past us.

"Yeah I was dying to do something to Luke but I just let the temptation go, you know?" Liz swatted Ollie round the head as she giggled.

"Why can't you be more like Luke instead of like Jack? Jack's an idiot and so is your father but Luke is mature and sensible" Liz listed as we joined the queue behind them.

"And sat in a trolley" Ollie added. Ollie offered her arm out to Luke so he could get out. Luke looked at me and nodded but ignored Michael. Me and him knew each other and I wanted to be friends.

"Luke, get the bag" Liz shoved a bag into Luke's hands.

"Mom! He's delicate" Ollie took a tin of beans out of the bag and gave it to him.

"Can you manage?" She giggled.

Luke pushed her causing her to fall but she pulled him with her and they knocked over three trolleys and squashed their Mom's shopping.

"Get up! You stupid kids!" She grabbed Ollie by the wrist who had hit her nose on the trolley and Luke got up.

"Luke pushed me" Ollie wiped her nose.

"Did not" Luke denied.



"Shut up the pair of you. Luke you did push her. No music for a week. No guitar and no phone and no TV" Ollie looked at Luke satisfyingly.

"And as for you Olivia. No dancing for a week" Ollie's mouth dropped.

They didn't argue and just helped their Mom pick everything up and I stared at them receiving a dirty look off Ollie.

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