the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


6. why?😫

We called the boys as we were getting in ths shiny black limo.We were trying to get out when.Michael picked up."Lily did you get the dress?" "Yes sir!"We laugh."I have it and were heding home to put it up and look for the girls dress im having 6 girls and cynthia is my brides maid."he laughs"I know she couldnt stop talking about it!"I laugh"Who's yours?"he hums and says"Calum!Then luke,ash,zayn,louis,niall!Liam and harry couldnt fit so their ring holder and walking you down since your parents uh died?"I frowned"ok baby!Oh sorry Michael got to go byeee!"he laughs"Bye babyyy!"Oh so we know everything but when and where this wedding was taking place."Lilyyyyy!"a screaming stranger runs to me.Smile and wave then walk away.I smile and wave she took a picture of me with the dress oh no!"Whats the dress for?"I smile"Its for a party a wedding party for my sister I guess!?"she frowns and I run inside.I pick up the phone."Siri dial Baes number."The phone replies with "Dialing baes number."Michael picks up as soon as it starts ringing"Michael omg well a fan took a picture uh with me and the dress at the house!"he sighs "Go put everything up prepare for paparazi that means beach party!"I screech "Yaaaa love you got to get ready!"I hang up before he could reply."Guys were going to te beach." "We know its obvious hun your on speaker!"I laugh at myself as I put my dress next to the other girls.I was looking for my poke a dot bikini.I walk out."Hey guys!" "yeah!" "come get ready!"The only people where me,wendy,mikayla,and jenifer."Were coming!"I was in my bathing suit the top was a bit tight but comfty and it didnt fall of easy for a strapless bikini.I put my hair in a bun and curled to little strands of hair on the sides of face.Then I put my sunglasses on and my flip-flops.Then i grabbed my duffle bag and put 8 towels in it.Then a nother bag and put 8 pairs of shorts and shirts for us to change into.We didnt invite my friends because they were busy?The boys gad arrive when I had finished.I walked down stairs."Lily you look great.I smiled "Thanks the girls are upstairs getting ready!"The boys nod.I laugh.Then sit on the couch.

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