the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


5. 💍👰wedding dress👗

The girls brought up the wedding we talked about it till it was time to leave."Lily tommrow can we please,please look at dresses?"I laugh at Ibeth and smile"Sure!"she lights up and says"yesssss!"I chuckele a little and look at Michael hit his face and his eyes glowed I caught myself starring directly at him."Lily stop scarring you creep!"I snap back by Space"Sorry it's just nevermind"he smiles"What?"He smiles"nothing!"I look at him serious"Mickkkeyyy?"I whin he smiles"What?"we laugh"tell me!"he sighs were hand in hand"Lily I never thought I was good enough for you but you still kept me?"I laugh"Baby I never even thought I would meet you!"we laugh.Then walk to the car.Us girls get in the car."Can I make a phone call to my friends?"everyone stares then nods"Be quiet though please!"They nod"If you dont karma is a bitch!"they laugh.I dial Nashs number he put it in my phone.I dont rember him doing it.Wait he texted me and I got it durrr."Hey Nash?" "Hey baby girl!" "dont call me that!"he chuckles"Just wanted to let you know that you,both jacks,cameron,and heyes is invited to my wedding with Michael!"I swear I could see him frown."Oh ok Lily well got to go!" "Bye Nash!"he chuckles "Bye Lily!".We had arrived at the wedding shop the girls didnt know e were going to go here after that place anyways."Do you have an appoiment!"the hot young man says."Uh yes Lily!" he looks up and smiles."The Lily Villagomez!"I nod."Omg like right this way ma'm your dresser and dresses you liked are waiting for you!"I laugh an follow him.everyone takes a seat and the dresser comes."Luke,Cal,Ash take Michael an go look at tuxs in that one store so Michael cant see the dress!"Michael gets up and sighs.He pecks my lips"Bye Baby see you later!"I peck his lips"Bye!"we smile and he walks off.Then the dresser says"Ok so we'll be back you guys and Lily follow me and we'll get you in your first dress."I follow her to a fitting room.My first dress was long and colorfol.It had a light green all over and bits of black at the ends completed with rhinestones at the sleeves and bottom of the dress and around the breast to spice up the straplessness.I walked on to the stand the veil on and looked at myself in the mirror."Wow Lily!"I smiled."Can i try the rainbow one next."the dresser smiles"Sure hun!"she hands me the short dress.The dress was white then the puffy skirt was a beautiful rainbow colapse.I walked on the small platform."Lily is that the only 2 you picked?"I smile and nod."Rainbow!"Everyone says.I blush "Ok we'll get this one!"I swipe my card.Then at that instant I had my dress.

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