the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


16. visitors

Me and Michael were in the bathroom dyin our hair."Michael Im starting the shower!"I start the shower and I get I was done when Michael had got in."Please stay!"I make a sad face "you know I cant because I have a my concert to go to you know mines before yours!"He smiles "Fine but first give me a kiss!"I give him a kiss I let go and he smiles "Bye Baby see you later!"I get out and dry my body off and slip my light blue skinny jeans on.I put a Yellow shirt that was no sleeved and designs by the neck on."See you there!"he smiles I'm going with you stupid!"I laugh and say "Well hurry we have to be there soon!"I hand him his blow dryer that had band stickers all over it.He plugs it in my hair had dried.I was straighting it.Michael comes in and grabs it and straightens the back.I smile "This is why I love you if I need my hair done you can do it!"I chuckle"You know anything dealing with hair is my speacilty!"We laugh."I love your outfit you look absolutly stunning in it!"I laugh "Just casual!"He smiles.He unpluged the straightener and I applied eyeliner and mascara."You know thats what you do in your dressing room right!"I laugh "Then theyll fix it and I like it this way!"He smiles "I love you!"I put my arms around his neck and kiss him "I love you to!"he smiles.I sit down and put my golden shinny sneaker heels on.I head out the door my new blonde hair had bits of blue at the bottom that curved slightly."Lily?"I smile"Like what you see?"they nod and Michael comes "To bad shes mine!"He glares at them.We laugh and I look up and give Michael a quick peck on the lips.We walk out to the car as we get mobbed down by crazy fans."Lily what are you singing tonight?"I smile "Dollhouse,Life of the party,New Americana,and wild life posibly something else as a suprise with a random fan!"The crowd of fans scream.I laugh and get in the car."Baby is that true?"I laugh "Durrr!"I smile" dont worry they'll get to know Zayn too as a suprise!"Zayn looks at me "As I give him a big smile!he laughs.Minutes later we arrive at the place where the concert takes place.We get in I fix up my outfit and makeup."We can do that for you sweets!"I smile "No thanks its fine I think it looks good like this!"They smile "ok!"I was listening to the songs when all of a sudden "Hey girl we heard what you sing an well sing it with you so your not alone out there!"I turn thinking they were fans and in front of me were Halsey,Melainie Martinez,and Jack!I smile "Omg I never thought I would meet you guys.I love your songs!"I say to the girls then I turn to Jack."Hey JJ!"he laughs "JJ huh thats my new nick name?"He says sarcasticly "Fine its Nerd!"Michael says behind him.Jack was so small next to Michael."Lily!Your on in 5!"I smile "Ok so I'll start singing and then you and then you pass it back!"They smile "Sure!"Ok I walk out and go on stage."Helllloooooo New York!"the crowd screams "Today I have visitors singing with me!"The crowd screams more!"I will actually just be doing covers tonight sorry!"I look toward the girls "First I am songing New americana by Halsey come on out girl!"She walks out waving!"Hey guys me and Lily will be singing my new song New Americana hope you like it!"I start "

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