the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


20. The problem

"Hey guys lets go home I am tired and tommrow we all have a day to explore!"They chuckle "Ok driver to the hotel!"I rest my head on Michales "I love you baby!"He smiles and rests his head on mine "I love you too baby girl!"I chuckle and yawn.I close my eyes and fall asleep but not for long."Lily wake up!"I flutter my eyes open and strech."Today we have the day off.I look at the clock "How did I get from the car to our bed?"I say while rubbing my face.He chuckles "I carried you!"I smile and flutter my eyes "My hero!"We laugh "Get ready casual we are going to have fun!"I chuckle.I grab my black leggings and my red botty shorts.I grab a selfie shirt and my black one direction hoodie and of course underwear and a bra.I walk to the shower and get in locking the door behind me.I strip down an take a shower siging Little things to myself.I jump out and dry my body off.I slip my clothes on.I put my

Hair in a pony tail and slipped my nerdy glasses on.Letting my freckles shine.My eyes were dark enough to have no make up on.I slipped my socks on.Then I put my long conver boots on.I laced them up and double knotted it.I walked out off our room and down to breakfest.I got my breakfest and sat down with the others.They were listening to something.I listened it was me singing in the shower."Hey you guys recorded me?"I said.They laughed "Y....I mean no never tht would be invading your privacy!"Zayn stuttered.I chuckle "I know thats me and I dont care its just I am so glad I locked the door!"I sighed "Wheres Michael?"They look around "He had to take a call then never came back!"I frown "Oh!"I get up "Zayn can you dump my food or you guys can eat it I have to find Michael!"He nods.I walk away and started to get on the elevator and went to our room.I walked to the door and opened it.I walked to our room.I saw Michael his elbows on his knees and his hands on his face."Michael whats wrong?"I looked at him "The...The...The papers of out marrige got lost in the mail and well we aren't actually married yet!"He sai fighting back tears.I sit next to him "Dont worry we can file new ones then we can be properly married!"I smile at him.He chuckles "Want to go out again!"I smile "Sure"We walk back down.

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