the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


9. song worth $

I started singing the song that reminded me of my Mom!The climb by miley cyrus!

"I can almost see it that dream im dreaming!"and then finished minutes later.Then I heard a beep.Creepy!

*next morning*

Last night I had walked to a hotel and stayed there.I had my phones radio on when "Well Lily Villagomez was video taped last night singing apparently shes more talented than we thought she can make herself sound like other artists!"Oh no!I was at the house.No one is home cool!I walk in and to my room.I have 406 missed calls and messeges.I call cynthia.

"Hey girl want to hang out!"she sighs"Omg lil you had me worried that you go raped and your family good they were all traveling because we didnt know where you were and omg!"I smile"Cynthia I need to talk to you in private like now so come and ill tell you everything!"she laughs "ok fine come to our hotel!"I slip my shoes on and was off to her hotel.I got there and I opened the door and I was on the ground!9 boys where takling me with hugs!"Get the Fuck off of me!"They get off and I run from them down the stairs.I was the fastest out of us so they couldnt catch up.I ran and ran to god only know where!Then I look on I tunes people were buying my song I sang last night for 30$ Wow!It was on the news and Socail media too!Cynthia called me I ignored it!Then my cuzin Sinay Called."Hey Homie!"I laugh"What up!" "Where are you were wanting to go to the mall but we need you!"I smile meet me at starbucks take a cab!"She laughs "ok"I go to starvucks they were waiting for me but a guy in a hoodie was with them?I couldnt see who it was?"Hey guys?"She looks at me and smiles.I sit down next to the guy?Then next thing you know he is bear hugging me.I pull away but hes to strong.I look him in the eye.Its Michael I stop reisiting.The hug him back."I missed you why did you run away?"I frown "I dont think I'm emotinally stable to tell you that in public!"He frowns.I peck his cold lips."Hey Sinay want to go walking around like we did as kids?"she smiles "Sure!"We ended up walking and getting stoppe by everyone for autographs and photos!

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