the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


22. shopping and date

"Hey guys uh want to go like somewhere like maybe the oh wait were in New York!I guess we can go OMG SHOPPING!"I almost scream.They chuckle and Ashton giggles and says "OMG LIKE TOTALLY WE SHOULD GIRLFRIEND!"I chuckle as the table cracks up.I sigh "I have to change this is not shopping appropriate!"I walk upstairs an change from my hoodie to a red plaid flannel and tyed it to my waist.Then I took my glasses of and put my hair down and put my galsses back on.I smiled at my appereance.I walk downstaairs."Lets go"They nod and we walk to the limo as Security fight the fans.I chuckle as we get in the car "Aeropostal?"They look at me "No!"I nod "Hollister?"They nod "I scream "Driver Neareast Hollister!"The driver drives to Hollister.We get out I run to the door "Ash hurry!"We run to the girls clothes "Ash I need a dress for a date with Michael!"He nods "Ok Color?"I nod "I dont care just not long!"He nods and grabs a yellow dress short noddle strapped and had a big jewel at the chest.It was lose and cut down to the top of my knee.I smiled and nodded and he placed it in my hands then picked red botty shorts out.Then took a white croptop that said "Pizza is my boyfriend"I nodeded and we bought it.I found the boys "Come on were going to another store for shoes like forever 21!"They sigh "Fine!"We go to Forever 21.I see an area of cute clothes "Guys search and help me find some stuff!"They nod.I take Ash to the ahoes.Help ne find silver heels or yellow ones!"He nods.I find pretty yellow pumps!I hold them to Ash and he nods I nod "Yes!"I smile "Jewlery!"We go to the jewlery and he finds Yellow earrings that dangled down and a matchings becklace with yellow jewels and a yellow butterfly.I grabbed it and we bought it along with random stuff the others bought.I smiled "Spencers?"They nodded."Spencers"I told the driver we arrived and I picked a yellow eyebrow ring.Then me and Michael matching picachu hats!I grabbed the boys "Come on lets go home!"They sigh "Your in a hurry!"I nod "Yep!"We go back home I sigh as we arrive "Michael whens the date?"He smirks "1 hour".I widden my eyes "Ash I have to get ready come on!"We run to my room he sits on my bed as I change in the bathroom.I put the earrings on and the dress and the necklace.I change my brow ring.I put my ring on.I put my heels on.I opened the door "Ash straighten my hair please"He nods as I turn it on and hand it to him he straightens my hair as I do my makeup.Eyeliner wing and yellow eyeshadow.I put a light pink lipstick on.I smile "Perfect!"He nods "Lets go!"We walk out and all eyes were on me."Like what you see Ash helped he is such a girl!"They chuckle and nod."Michael let me get something!"He nods and walk to a room and I pull out a box.I smiled as he looked at me "The box?"I nod "I know youll find out later!"He nods.We walk to the car.We were quiet the whole way each enjoying the others prescense.I smiled as we pulled up to a restraunt he had rented the whole thing for me.I sighed "You still do this stuff?"He nods "Yep" popping the 'p'.We sit down near a window with the paparazi outside the window taking pictures.I put the box in front of Michael."Open"He opens it and he stops and just stares at the box.He pulls out 2 ortaments."I made those when I was 15 for my mom but I was mad at her and put you and Cals name on them because I was mad at Luke and Ash at the moment!"He giggles "they're cute".I nod and pull a little card out "two years ago I made this card for you because you were my biggest idol at the time I supported you all I could now look where we are!"He smiles and pecks my lips "I love you".I giggle and the waitress comes "May I get you anything?"I nod "I am not hungry can I get a Dr.Pepper?"She nods "Wow your going to make me look fat!" I giggle at his response "Your not fat were just fun size" We laugh and he looks at his hands and plays with his fingers "You know what,"He says as he looks up I look him in the eye "What?".He smiles "Ever since I laid eyes on you at the gas station I thought you were beautiful,Ashton saw you and he grabbed my hand and made me wave! I wante to kill him because I thought you might like hate me and then Lindsey saw and she did what she did! I thought you were all beautiful but there was something about you that caught me? Then I saw your tickets that Ibeth was looking at and I smiled knowing you would be there.I told luke to throw a razor in front of your car and you drove over it.I guess I didnt have to because your car broke completly! Well we followed you sort of and well I found you so I was so happy I wanted you to be mine so I thought I would make you mine on stage! The truth is I love you and it will never change no matter what!" I giggle and smile he loves me and it will never change even though some things happen that we cant take back "Mikey I love you too!".I giggle and ask the waitress "can we get that to go the pap is getting to big!?"She nods and walks away.I smile collecting the box and its contents. He takes my hand "Why do you like me?" I smile "You dont care what anyone says! You just be you not carring! You do what you want your crazy and free willed! Me I was exactly that and I wanted someone to share that with! All of my friends were usually on the interent were people can lie! I met Edward there he made me feel good about myself! He would call me georgous and beautiful! When I rejected his request for me to be his I felt like I hurt him and I cried and cried so hard but I fought it but I never really had anyone who got me like him!" I sigh "You made that feeling come back like I could be loved like that again thats why when you ran when you saw Jack kiss me thats why I tried suicide because if no one loves me like this I dont feel the need to live once a girl is broke she can never really be fixed completly again because they were their first!" I smile and get our meal and we walk out with security escaurting us and we drove off to our hotel.

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