the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


17. Shawn

Secret lights in tiny liquor bottles just what youd exepct inside he new valanceago"Halsey and me finish."Ok now a new guest Melanie Martinez!"Halsey waves and trades places with Melanie Martinez."Hey guys"I smile and hug her "We are going to sing dollhouse"I put my microphone up "Hey girl play with your dolls well be the perfect family!"We finish minutes later eith the crowd screaming."Next Wild life with Jack Johnson come out here son"He runs out "Little bit excited Nerd"He chuckles "Yep"I laugh."Want to start Lily?"I nod and take a deep breath."Ya No tellin what I might do when Im in the right mood you know me Im all up in the party like a vip and everything is looking better for my pov"We finish and the crowds screams.I smile and Jack came to me and whispered in my ear "Shawn came you rember him"My eyes teared up.I started to smile."The next song is Life of the party and Jack just told me he is here Shawn is here "A single tear came down my cheek.Then I felt someone hug me and Zayn,Michael,and Shawn was there.Shawn looks me in the eye "Sorry I couldnt be there for the wedding"I chuckle "Your here now"He laughs "Life of the party is a good song may I join you"I nod and say "Shawn will be performing with me Life of the party!"He strums his gutiar.I start getting dizzy but soon stop and go to start the song but I pass out.All I can here is the crowd screams and Shawn yelling my name all I could say is "How?"Michael comes over and picks me up bridal style.He takes me to the dressing room.They fan me and fan me calling my name.I want to wake up and say its ok let me finish.But I cant."Lily come on wake up!"I hear Michael he was rumbing my arm."Hey Michael Maybe shell wake up if you kiss her"Calum said then Ashton said "Oh prince charming you saved me"In the voice of a girl.I want to laugh but I cant.I fell something warm hit my lips.I know their Michaels.When he backed away I didnt wake up instead 5 minutes later I did."Michael?"I say opening my eyes."Baby your ok you had me worried it was horrible"I laugh "I could hear all of you"He chuckles and turns a deep shade of red.I laugh."Dont worry prince charming!Ill save you!"We laugh."Why did you pass out"I bit my lip."When Shawn came up I was so happy.I hadnt seen him since we were kids.When wewere about to perform I felt dizzy from all the emotions.I tried to push it away but that didnt work did it"he chuckles "Yeah"I looked at him before he attacked my lips with his."Hello guys sorry to innterupt!"I look up and its shawn.I get up and give him hug."I missed you"he smiles "me too" I let go and look him in the eyes "Sorry that I passed out its just all the emotions got to me and yeah"He laughs "Right"."So wait did you guys perform already"Michael grabs my waist."They canceled it so I could make sure you were all right.We will move it to tommrow!"I smile "Ok so I will open up you guys with Shawn?"He smiles and nods.I peck his lips."Good lets go celebrate!"Michael looks me in the eye "For what"I smile "For our us!"He smiles "Ok lets go"We get in the van and go to the hotel.I run to our room.I look through my clothes then I find it the perfect dress it was black and cut off right above the knee it was strapless and had rhinestones around my waist.I had my hair straighten had waved at the bottom.I put my dress and my black pumps on.I added black eye shadow.I walked out.I felt eyes stare me down."Stop starring and lets go!"We walk to the car.

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