the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


11. Rap dreams

"Birthday with Michael!"Michael shakes his head as he walks toward the stage."Hey everyone!"The scream "Heyyyy!"I peck his lips and I hook my phone to an auz cord and put birthday on by katy perry.Me and Michael sing and dance around on stage.When we were done we said,"Thanks guys lets just say it was the best wedding day ever!"And Michael kisses me.We walk off.We wave and walk back.Then I jump on Michaels back "Go horse now!"He starts walking as I slowly fall asleep.Then I woke up as we got to the house.The party died when we left.I got off Michaels back and walked inside and to my room.I sat down and I changed because tonight we were supposed to be leaving to the airport.I dyed my hair black.I got out the shower.I dry my body and slip on gray leggings.Then I put on a white tank top and a red plaid cover thats long in the back short in the front.Then walked outside.It was dark.I sat by the water with my feet in the water.My phone had moment for life!When I was rappin it out and it got to Drakes part someone helped rap it.I look up and Zayn was there."Didnt give up your rapping huh!"I smile and say "Sure didnt!"he chuckles "we should make a song together and ill write it so you can rap and show the world!"I laugh "ok!"We walk back and into the car since there was no room I asked to go with Zayn and them."Sure baby see you there!"I smile"bye!"I wave and get in."Z put on Only from Niki Manji!"He laughs"fine L!"I laugh "Hey thats louiss name!Then li is Liam!Mine is Queen!"We all laugh!Then it comes on "I never f*cked drake,I never f*cked wayne all my life never f*cked saint!"We got to the airport when the song ended."Lily your an amazing rapper!"I smile "Oh stop it!"I sarcasticly then I laugh!"Lily you should show the world your rapping skills too!"Zayn and I smile "Ok louis Ill thank about it!"

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