the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


3. Perfect

"This is Mikayla!"I smiled and waved "Hey Mikayla!I'm""your Lily Villagomez!Michael's girlfriend and my all time favirote solo singer!"she almost screams.I laugh"Yep exactly what you said!"we laugh.Her brown hair match her hazel brown eyes.He had a cute outfit that looked like it came out a magazine.Her lightly tanned skin matched her make-up perfectly.I was kind of jealous ahe was beautiful and I was nothing like that."Lily!Lily come quick!"I ran to my friends!They were in the fitting room.I got in their and they pushed me in a room with a mint blue and green dress."What am I exposed to do with this!"They laugh"Put it one!"I put it on and walk out and the girls brought me out and the boys were their."Lily you look amazing in that dress!"I blush"He's right you should bye it for the dinner we're going to!"I look at Michael"You didnt say we were going to dinner!"I run back in and take the dress on and slip mine back on.I run to the cash register buy it.Then I run to macys and buy matching pumps and earrings."Baby stop running you have time its only noon and we're going at 6!"I stop and say"We have 2+ girls here that means it will take a long time to get us ready and perfect!"he chuckles.Then the girls who had the same thing but in different colors were following me."Can we call a Limo my car wont hold all us girls you boys take the car meet you there!?"Next thing you know us girls are in the Limo talking.

*skip ride

We got back to the house in sydney.The boys were there. "Lily!I missed you!"Michael ran to me "I missed you to!"I chuckle.Hey will be down when were ready!"We walked upstairs.We went in my room.We put our dresses on and We decieded to straighten our hair.My hair was to the middle of my back so I put it up into a pony tail and my bangs to the side."Lily sit that does not look good."I sat down in a chair and Ittzy straightened my hair again put it down my bangs in my face but not to much.I put my earrings and my necklace Zain gave me and the one that I got for me and Michael.I put eyeliner,mascara,and light brown eyeshadow,and dark red lipstick.I came out and the girls starred"Lily I've never seen you look so perfect!"I blush.The girls were ready too so we went downstairs.I always go downstairs last."Lily you coming?""Yes I coming now!"I walk down the stairs slowly.I felt all eyes one me."I look at the group of eyes starring at me."Ya'll never seen me before or is there a ghost behind me?"The boys chuckle."Told you Lily!"Ibeth says.I chuckle.

Michaels pov

She looked perfect and her chuckle was so adorable.How did I ever end up with a girl as perfect as her?"I should change I look horrible just give me one more second."I stare and say"Lily no!You look perfect!"The whole room was full of nods and yahs.She smiles and say "Fine!"Then they take a selfie to keep fans updated.Then another with the whole Squad."and #SquadGoals!"Her friends laugh.

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