the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


2. Nash

Michael proposed to me?I was thinking as I woke up.I looked at my finger and their was the beautiful diamond ring.Wow it was beautiful!My friends would arrive today in about....Omg its 6am I never wake up this early?They arrive at 7.I guess I can get ready.So I quietly get up and grab a beautiful dress.I like to get dressed like this to see my friends that I haven't seen in a while.Currently my hair was a dark maroon color Michaels was the same.I put a black dress that was short a skin tight.I put my black pumps on.Then straightened my hair.I put on bright red lipstick and eye-liner on.I walked out and grabbed my purse.I left a note on a box of pizza because the boys will go their first.Then went to get the girls.They're staying at a hotel thats 5 star rated.I pulled up and security was surronding me as people were coming up and asking me for my autograph.I saw my friends and ran to them."Hey girls come on!"They saw me and ran to me.They hugged me."Lets go before the fans and paparazi get to out of control!"we ran to the car.We sped off to the hotel.The girls got a dress on and we went to the mall I brought it my purse paper and a pen.Just incase.Then we headed their we were meeting the boys there in the store we like the most aeropostal.We got there and a big crowd was around it."Omg its Lily,Michael girlfriend!"All of a sudden half of the crowd was around me."We pushed are way in the store.Then someone touched my shoulder."Why'd you take the crowd baby girl and who's this Michael dude?"I turned around it was Nash Grier and Jack Johnson!"My name is Lily my boyfriend Michael Clifford the gutarist in the band 5sos and Im a singer myself!"They looked at me and smiled "Thats why my criwd went!""Sry I didnt mean to we were just trying to meet the boys here!"they looked confused"The band went to get their girls and meet us here!"They smiled."Lily!""Got to go uh here!"I get a peice of paper an give Nash my number"We can talk later I guess but as friends ok I have a boyfriend!"He smiled an Jack chuckles and I jog away to my friends."Lilyyyy!"I look up and its Michael."Babe!"I give him a hug and he kisses my head. "Lily?"I look and a beautiful girl was next to Luke."Yes Luke?"he smiles"This is

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