the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


13. hyper

"Zayn do you think I'm stupid?This is just Wild Life rewrote by you!"I chuckle out.He laugh "Hey you know your songs!"I hand him the book "I wants JJ's part"he looks at me "Jack Johnsons part?"I smile "Duuurrr!"he laughs "fine".I grab my phone "Play wild life!"My phones starts playing wild life "Yah no telling what I might do when im in the right mood you know me im all up in the party like a vip and everythings looking better for my pov no turn up animals we dont sleep and ill probally forget you Celo Green."I stop "Zayn what'd you teach her?"Michaels says."I didnt she learned from Jack himself.They grew up together!"I laugh "Exactly he was my best friend I always pretended we were in music videos together.He moved away and became famous and I moved away to become a nobody really!"I sigh."Baby your not no more?"I smile and peck michaels pink lips."Hey Ashton?"he looks up and smiles "Yes Lil clifford?"I laugh "Thats funny but can I bring my kitty home?"Practicly with the biggest puppy dog eyes on earth."Fine but just dont let it come near me as much as I want it to!"I smile "Thank you!Thank you!Thanks yooouuuu"he laughs "welcome!"I look down then my head shots up with exciment then I just start jumping in my seat "I know we should have a small party us you know Calum, Mickey, Lukers, Ash, Zayn,Louis,Liam,Harry,Niall,me,And yalls girls."Michael looks at me and I smile an sit still "Fine but only if I can show you something!"I smile and scoot closer to him if possible."What is it?"He pulls his phone out "What'd you do with these drawing?"I smile "There in florida.Why?"he smiles "I wanted to uhhhh...draw like you??"I smile I'll teach you but at the aparment!"he smiles "Thanks!"

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