the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


14. Drawings

When we arrive at our aparment we go to my room.I put my stuff in the room.Then I pull out my to go art stuff.I take out the markers,caryons,and color pencils.Then I put the papers down.I take out 2 pencils and my phone and a small portable speaker."Pick out some songs and download them put them in a playlist and play them!"He nods and does that."Ok now just to start draw a picture if yourself!"He draws a cute picture of him with a small afro thats in a rainbow.I smile as he looks at mine its a picture of them as superheros.I was on Calum at the moment.He smiled."Lily help me!"he whinned.I laughed and said "Ok so first you want to look at the picture and try sketching something easy like lets see an animal!Try a penguin!"He smiles and I look up penguin and he draws it."Michael your good!"he laughs"that took an hour to draw!"I smiled takes a while!"He smiles "You can color it I suggest crayons or pencils!"he smiles "Im using markers!"I smile as I couninue to color my picture.I turn it over and write "Always rember me guys! I love you all equally untill it gets to Michael! lol -Lily Clifford*

Then me and Michael switch pictures.I smile and tear up as I read Michaels little note on the back "You changed my life and it will always be complete with you so never leave and when you die I die!"I turn to him and hug him."Michael never leave me ever!"he smiles and kisses my head.

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