the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


12. comin home

I sat next to Zayn he was suprise visting Perrie!They said they were engaged 2 years ago!I took out my small pink book and handed it to Zayn."Whats this for?"I turn it over as he reads the cover "Oh Your lyrics!"I smile as I lay my head and say "Write it while I sleep!"I yawn and close my eyes.Then I hear Zayn whisper softly "Why didnt you fall in love with me!?"I smile and whisper back "Your still my second favirote!"He smiles."Lily wake up were here!"I flutter my eyes open and whisper "Im uppp!"I get up and slowly make my way to Michael."Baby Carry me?"He laughs and kisses me "No!"I frown "Fine!Someone carry me?"Then I get swopped off my feet and Im on Michaels shoulder."Heeeyyyy!"We laugh as he carrys me.Then he sets me down and we go threw the crowd of fans giving autographs and taking selfies.We got in the car and drove to our hotel."Hey baby!You and me are sharring a room with uhh Zayn and Louis!"I clap"Yaaahhh! I get to share with you!"I say as I give michael a kiss.I take a picture and tag it saying "Almost home be their in a few weeks florida."Lily its finish!"I sit by Zayn.I read it over my parts were highlighted.

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