the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


18. Clubbing🍸🍻🍷🍹🍺💃

We start the car and speed away to the club.Luckily I got us vip acess so I got us in with out the line.I invited everyone I knew that was big in the world.Me and Michael walk in and I look around usally at partys I am with my cuzins and we walk outside and hang I cant do that now.I walk to a couch where people are kissing.I walk down to a corner.I dont feel like dancing.I close my eyes."Hey sexy wanna dance?"I knew that was not Michael.Who could it be?I flutter my eyes.I couldnt help but stare.He was a youn boy then I looked closer "Edward?"He smiles "You noticed!"I hugged him "I missed you!"He smiles and blushs "You look beautiful so about the dance?"I laugh "Sure let me tell Michael where I will be and who he will flip if he cant find me?"He chuckles.I grab his hand and walk toward the tipsy Michael "Hey babe dont get drunk ok I will be dancing with Edward I will come back after!"He smiles "Ok"I walk to the dance floor with Edward!"We danced to a few songs and then I got tired."Edward want to get some thing to drink?"He grins and nods.I walk and buy myself a cherry voldka."Michael!"I smile as he comes behind me and kisses my neck."Hello babe!"I turn around and peck his lips."Edward you know Michael we uhh got married!"He frowns and looks down."Whats wrong Edward?"He laughs "Nothing I guess you already said no to me so I should be happy for you congrats!"I laugh "I am sorry I dont like you like that and you know that!"Michael leans to my ear his alchol scented breath hitting my esr sending sheivers down my neck "We have to go Babe!"I smile "Hey Ed we have to go see you later!"He nods "Text me!"I bod and grab Michaels hand and we walk back to the van with the others.

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