the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


8. 😱😍beach probs

It was 8pm and we were at the beach.The boys owned a beach house I ran inside and placed things on the floor."Michael Im taking a walk along the beach to think things through dont follow me please!"he nods and I take my flip flops off and take off along the beach.I was walking and see a bright light.Then I hear people laughing.I wont interupt them instead I'll sit by over their.There was a cliff in the water.I walked to the top and sat down.I was sitting and starring for 5 minutes when I hear someone I knew?"Hey baby girl what you doing over here?"That has to be Nash!"Nash?"I look behind me but its Jack!"Oh hey Jack!"He smiles."Didn't answer my question but ok Hey!"I laugh."Oh well Im just thinking things over!"He smiles."Oh?"Then I close my eyes."Lily!"I open my eyes someone was calling my name?Then Jack forces his lips on mine!

Jacks pov

Ever since me and Nash saw here I wanted her like forever love!"Lily!"Oh no I got to act quick!I push my lips on hers.

Michaels pov

I see her shes....Making out with someone?Why?I knew it would happen!God!I tear my necklace off and throw it on the ground!

Lilys pov

"Jack what the fuck!You know me and Michael are a thing now!"I shout then I stand up.He gets up too.I start running.I stop something catchs my eye.I lean down and pick it up!Its Michael necklace!"Oh no!"I whisper to myself.Jack was almost close enough to hear so I run in the water."Come any closer and I'll...lll?"I frown"I'll drown myself!"He backs away then I dubk down.

Jacks pov

She trying to drown herself!I run at her and help her up.She coughs."Lily where is Michael?"she coughs and whispers "at the beach house!"the only beach house is down that way I run to it."Help anyone!Help!"Luke runs to me and then Calum."She tried to drown herself!"then she pushs us away and runs inside and to Michaels room!

Michaels pov

I should have know it was to good to be true!I pull out a razor then I put it on my wrist."Michael no its not what you think I love you and if you cut I'll kill myself!"No I dont want her to do that!Then she kicks the door.

lilys pov

I started kicking the door with so much power it made a hole.Finally I could see Michael I unlocked the door and ran in and slapped his hand.The razor drops.I hug him and start crying."Michael!Lily!"the boys yell as they run to Michaels bathroom.They see the door and us!"What happened?"I smile and cry even more!Then I start walking out and walk to a secret place only me and Michael know about!I start crying there.Then I started to sing its what I do to calm down when I'm alone.

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