the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


4. 2 new girls👯👭👰👒🙊😹💍

We had arrived at the restraunt.We all got in a sepeate silver Limo and security pushing screaming fans away.We finally got in to the restraunt itself when we get out after the ride.We sat at a long table reserved for us it was an Italian restraunt so Breadsticks and maranara sauce were on the table as appetizers.The waitress came up it was a boy and a girl there were 2 because we had 13 people going to eat."Is everyone here?"I look him in the eyes he was cute."Uh no!"He smiles and they walk away.Then the boys push threw the doors.3 beautiful girls and the boys came to us."OMG Michael you didn't say Lily was going to be here!"Next thing you knew the 2 new girls were rapped around me saying"Omg were big fans!"I smile and chuckle."May I have yalls name?"they chuckle and let go.The one that was clinged around Calum had Dark brown hair that was straight down to her thighs.Her makeup was natural.Her eyes were like Ashton brown with bits of green.Her outfit was a hot pink dress that was skin tight down to her knees.The girl that was with Ashton had blonde hair.Short down to her mid arm.Straight with Natural make-up and a black dress like Calums girl."I'm Calums girlfriend,Jenifer.That's Ashton's Cuzin Wendy!"She points to blonde."Nice to meet you!"I smile as I say that.Michael runs to me as I get up and he gives me a kiss.We sit down Ash looks sad."Hey Ash what up?"He looks at me and fakes a smile"Look I invented the fake smile tell me whats wrong please we can talk outside if you like I dont like seeing anyone like that?"He nods I kiss Michaels cheeck and me and Ash walk to a part of the room where nobody could hear us."Lily it's just seeing everyone fall in love and I'm all alone Briana is across the country and I have no one to be with."I smile Ash you need to visit her.She probally wants to see you too she is beautiful and you are too and I cant stand to see you guys part I hope one of you dont do anything stupid?!"He smiles"You the same to Michael"I smile and we walk back to the table.The cute waitress walks iver and the girl follows."Hello I'm your waiter Chris and this is Brittney!"he winks at me I smile and point to my ring he frowns.Then the whole table laughs at him."Ok so what do you guys want."I smile and say"Spaggeti and meatballs with regular pasta and water!"Michael smiles"same!"he pecks my lips!"we smile.

Michaels pov

I cant belive she did that to the poor guy.But you have to edmit that was pretty funny!Next thing you know the table had order exactly the same thing.We laughed."So Lily whens the wedding?"She smiles"I don't really know but I was thinking maybe one on a beach at sundown?Maybe the colors rainbowish?I know the perfect dress though!"Thank god she know what she wants.

Lily pov

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