Rose Maria Way

What is gerard had another dayghter from whn he was in his early 20's but never met her.

My friend lucas said i look like gerard and in his words the illigitomate love child of gerard way. He is cool and right - ass, eyes, body shape sassyness, obsession wirh death, love for art amd singing style and many motr


3. The concert

I got to the concert hall after being on a train from home here I then had gotten a bus close to the arena and walked the rest of the way. I showed my ticket the person at the desk and said people hadn't been let in yet but since it was front row i could go straight in, I walked in and went to find my seat. when i sat down they had just finished sound check and were going back stage to prepare for the show when Gerard stopped and looked at me before shrugging it off and going back stage. I sighed and went on my phone listening to my chemical romance and smiled singing some words occasionally. i noticed other people walk and sit down and took out my headphones and put my phone away with my headphones when the concert started I smiled ans sang along to every song that was preformed and several times I noticed Gerard looking at me but I shrugged it off and when the concert ended I get my pass out and went with 10 other fans backstage and smiled and got to meet Gerard and his gang and it was awesome I got 3 signed posters and I loved it then i noticed a small note saying "I gotcha rose, I missed you" and his phone number underneath.i looked at him and he smiled, i grabbed my phone and texted the number   me: why did you call me rose only my online friends call me that   Gerard: because its your real name   me: how would you know that?   Gerard: I'm your dad rose   me: what??   Gerard: wait for the end   me: okay   Gerard: I'll explain later   me: ok :)   I smiled and waited until we were told to leave and waited outside by the doors until Gerard and the others come out and smiled at me. Gerard walked over   "so do you want to come with us?"   "sure can we get my stuff from home and my friend's?"   "sure, lets go, where is it?"   "chesterfield a small town not far from here"   "lets go then"   "does your driver have a satnav?"   "yeah"   we got into the bus and I put my address in and we were on our way. I pet my guide dog calmly and patiently the guys gave me weird looks but I shrugged it off

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