Rose Maria Way

What is gerard had another dayghter from whn he was in his early 20's but never met her.

My friend lucas said i look like gerard and in his words the illigitomate love child of gerard way. He is cool and right - ass, eyes, body shape sassyness, obsession wirh death, love for art amd singing style and many motr


1. Rose Maria way

Hi my name if you can read the title of this chapter Rose Maria Way or that's what I thinks because I grew up in a city where I was known as Abigail cook no idea why but I am not like the family I was raised by. I have depression even known no one will take me to be tested. However my friend who has experienced it has said I am not what I as like back at junior school. I am currently year 10 in England I have so many reasons to think differently to people I know I was born a year , 2 months and 2 days before 9/11. I have reason to think my name is this instead thanks to my friends saying that I look like the musician Gerard way so I have been telling my friends to call me Rose but I have felt some one watching me when I'm alone. I am going to a Gerard way concert tonight I have a plan to talk to him since my friend scored front row and back stage tickets I can't wait for it YAY! 

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