Rose Maria Way

What is gerard had another dayghter from whn he was in his early 20's but never met her.

My friend lucas said i look like gerard and in his words the illigitomate love child of gerard way. He is cool and right - ass, eyes, body shape sassyness, obsession wirh death, love for art amd singing style and many motr


2. Home life

I sat on my own and hugged my self I was crying heavily because my family were hateful to me all the time I thought back to an incident at school   ~•~flash back 6-7 years~•~ (don't remember much some of this is imagination and what a girl I was showing round that day told me) I looked around I walked into the class room to talk to my teacher and I got. Cornered by a group of kids who had grabbed safety scissors and started grabbing my arms and slitting them from hand to elbow on the inside then left me for dead and washed the scissors outside in the corridor where there were sinks. I curled in a ball blood soaking my dress and skin. Emily , who I had been showing around, came into the class room and saw me came over asked me what happened and when I told her she ran to get a member of staff by now I had lost at least 3 pints of blood added onto the 4 pints from nosebleeds in  the past. When the teacher arrived they took me to the main office to be taken care of and my parents called. They had to in the end emit me to the hospital from blood, I was stitched up and bandaged and missed 3 days off school and when I got back I got rude comments "I thought we got rid of  you l", I thought you would revise we all want you dead", you're supposed to be dead already" none of the comments were dealt with at school, at home was another story, my dad said I brought it down on my self when a 6-8 year old would have trouble   knowing that and would probably not be the case                         ~•~end of flashback~•~   I sighed maybe they were right that day I should be dead but I know I am a screw up no one loves at all but I have a few friends who trust me with their lives which I know means they are true friends but there only  3 of them Maria, Aimee and Selena. I sobbed got up and packed my bag I had been given tickets from one of my few friends called Lucas who said I looked like a singer and had gotten me front row and back stage pass to a Gerard way concert I grabbed the ticket, backstage pass, back pack of home stuff, suitcase of clothes and laptop and my phone and charger with my paperwork on my eyes and left the house to Aimee's house where her and her mum live. in 10 minutes I was sat with Aimee and her mum, I dropped out of full time school yesterday because our school is damn crap, I sighed and pulled my ticket and pass from my pocket and smiled I was in a week in Manchester I had a plan to get there and a plan home I was ready                              

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