Rose Maria Way

What is gerard had another dayghter from whn he was in his early 20's but never met her.

My friend lucas said i look like gerard and in his words the illigitomate love child of gerard way. He is cool and right - ass, eyes, body shape sassyness, obsession wirh death, love for art amd singing style and many motr


4. Getting my stuff

We pulled up at the top of the road and me and dad walked down the street to my house I slowly unlocked with the key I kept. I let dad in first and crept upstairs missing the last 2 steps that creak and went into my bed room which was full of boxes full of my stuff which we slowly took down to the others who took them to the bus, I grabbed the last box as I heard movement in the room next door and hurried down with dad who closed the door silently then locked it as the bus drove down to us and we got on and I directed the driver to Aimee's hose the next morning when wee had all gotten some rest. We arrived around 9:30 am and Aimee had lent me some keys but I decided to knock standing next to dad, Aimee's mum answered the door and hugged me "I was worried you got off at the wrong stop and you were lost". I smiled pulled away from the hug "I'm fine, I'm gonna go get my stuff from Aimee's room, he'll explain everything" I said the last part walking up stairs and I slowly walked into Aimee's room before I was tackle-hugged by Aimee "Abby I was so worried about you" I hugged back my model friend (not the famous kind just the odd Primak/ new look modelling shoot) "Aimee I'm fine Gerard way is my dad though, he;s downstairs and if you look out the window the tour bus is some where out there" Aimee gasped "oh my fucking god please say he's explaining this to my mum" i nodded "yep he is, go down if you want to hear it I'm just grabbing my stuff from here last night we got my stuff from the other home and now I'm sad, because I won't see you and the others for years maybe never again" I start crying and Aimee hugs me again before smiling and grabbing her savings tub and smiled "get me something from America  please and what is your real name then?" she asked, I sighed "Rose, Maria is gonna be annoyed with me  for that, oh shit school I almost forgot I have my exams in 4 weeks, I need to talk to dad before we leave, thank god for week ends and Easter" I said rushed, Aimee puts her savings tub in my bag, "babe your gonna be fine in america they won't matter you still have to do two years in high school then collage and university" I smiled at her and nodded "yeah I just wish you could come, LA is great for modelling " we giggle as I grab my bags and walk downstairs. Dad explains to Aimee before we have to go, I hug Aimee and her mum one last time before we leave and get onto the bus, "dad I have big exams in four weeks at my current school" dad looks at me "shit I need to call them don't I?" I nod "yep" he sighed "what's the school?" I tell him then say "drive to my 'sister' Charlotte's house I can try to get her help"i tell them where to go and me and dad run to her back door(we don't use the front they don't like the idea of walking straight into their living room from outside) I ring the bell and Charlotte answers and I let dad explain everything and she nods "i knew she was taken from you so when we were growing up I showed her MCR to help her realise she was connected to one of you guys" Charlotte said shocking me but i brushed her off and asked for her help which she agreed to help us and around 20 minutes later said she had pulled me out of school due to me moving to America but not Josh and had informed them to change my records to Rose Way and then told me the numbers for my vision worker ans a few other things that I would need to know and dad wrote them all down before we left again.

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