A Mind Like Mine: Lock Down

The name is Reighly Cain, age 17. The year is 3027, and the planet I once knew as my home has been taken over by false leaders. They have taken First Earth and it's close inhabitants as hostages, and the people of these planets aren't even aware. I will go to any lengths, and do anything, to expose them for what they truly are.


7. Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

There’s nothing else to do really, might as well try to get comfortable. I walk over to my favorite corner in my cell and faux fluff the wall as if it’s a pillow. I settle down on the floor and nestle into the wall and huddle into my thin, torn, overly large striped shirt, as much as I can.

Not all prisoners go without blankets, pillows, and beds. It depends on the degree of the crime committed, however, me being me, did one of the highest degrees of offense that I could ever do, treason.

 Is it really treason if technically it’s written in the New Agreement that citizens have the right to challenge the authority of the government, if the government either fails to uphold its purpose, fails to protect citizens, or poses a threat to themselves and the citizens.

So, technically I was just upholding the peoples’ rights. That’s obviously not how they saw it though. Of course not, considering that the Leaders have a lot to hide, including the fact that they aren’t even human!

Most never believe me when I tell them, who in their right mind would? When you’re me though, and you have the unfortunate opportunity to have learned the truth about them through undeniable evidence, you don’t have much of a choice to believe such a scandal. As they say, ignorance is bliss, but I don’t get that luxury.

Honestly, I could have just ignored it, move on, and pretend not to know anything, but I just couldn’t let it go. No, more like I didn’t want to. I could have, I should have, but I wouldn’t have. I would rather suffer with the truth and fight for it, rather than live the cleverly crafted lies made by the Leaders. I won’t let them get away with something like this, not now, not ever!

No use wasting energy on old new right now anyway. I need to rest while I can, because I feel as if soon, I won’t get much of a chance to. I slowly flutter my eyes closed and relax my muscles and silence as many thoughts as possible. I feel myself start to slip from consciousness and let myself go.

That night, I had a dream of a little boy surrounded by big ideals, big names, and big expectations. That night I dreamed of my old home, of my cell before this one. I was not the rich and powerful one, but because I was born into it, I was treated the same as they. The coldness from the people and the atmosphere chill me to the bone, that I swear I still feel the frosty burn to this day.

I still see the little boy in the mirror, afraid of himself, his family, and their "friends". I should have figured out that something wasn’t right a lot sooner. I remember how I couldn’t understand why my normally doting parents didn’t hug me when they returned from a business trip.

That was a little over five years ago. Instead of thinking that something was wrong with them though, I thought that maybe something wasn’t right with me. Perhaps I didn’t deserve their affection, their love. Their “friends” only solidified that belief.

My parents bringing home one of the Leaders should have also been sounding sirens off. The sharply dressed bleak man strategically said how tragic it was for them to have a useless son like me, like I did something wrong. I was highly impressionable, and eager to please, so naturally I took that to heart.

I only knew years later that it was all just a ploy, to get me to not suspect anything about my parents. I was meant to believe that my parents didn’t love me. I knew it couldn’t be true.

So, the day I decided to listen in on one of their meetings when that Leader returned, was the day that my eyes were opened to the truth. I saw them then, I saw them for what they truly were. They made the mistake of dropping their disguises in my father’s study. It was them, the Warm Front’s enemies, the aliens from the far reach of the galaxy.

 I remember being taught about them through school and through the politics that surrounded me, I heard a lot of that, with my family being nobles and all. That was also the moment I realized that my real parents were gone, either they were dead, or they were being held captive somewhere.

Perhaps even this Leader use to have a human equivalent. I knew then though, that I would never see my parents again, my sunshine parents who loved me for me, and gave me warm hugs, who would read to me and tuck me in at night. The Leaders had taken them from me. I never cared for them before, but this was their last mistake.


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