A Mind Like Mine: Lock Down

The name is Reighly Cain, age 17. The year is 3027, and the planet I once knew as my home has been taken over by false leaders. They have taken First Earth and it's close inhabitants as hostages, and the people of these planets aren't even aware. I will go to any lengths, and do anything, to expose them for what they truly are.


5. Cell Block G

"Okay, so do we have an alliance then?" I reach my hand out in a faux form of handshake.

"Sure, it seems beneficial to us all really." He replies to me nonchalantly.

"Excellent. Though the problem is, your sister." I glare and point sharply at Karina.

 "Problem?! I'm the problem? You're the problem!" She childishly stamps on the ground at the end of her outburst.

"Calm girly girl. I'm simply stating facts." I smirk at her. She's far too easy to rile up, so easily manipulated.

"Would you stop trying to purposefully anger my sister?" he gives me the,' I'll stomp on your fingers', look.

"Fine, I concede. Only if she can agree on not being so.... her."

"Hello! I am right here!" Karina yells.

"As if I could forget that, you're far too noisy to not notice. Believe me, you make sure we know you're here princess." I reply snidely. "Jarron, he's doing it again!" The princess shrills.

"Doing what again, exactly?" Jarron answers her with a seeming impatient tone.

"Oh, you know father, just doing annoying boy things." Oh, that one was good. Good job me. Thank you me. 

"You see, he's undermining me!" Karina continues to cry.

"Karina, he's doing it on purpose, it's just the way he is. Get over it, and ignore it, and you, what was with calling my father? He asks dumbfounded.

"The way that conversation was going, she was acting like the spoiled kid she is and whining to you like you're her father."

"Oh, come on, Reigh. They're the best shot we all have of getting out of here. I know you have a childish beef with the girl, but overlook it for the big picture." I hear Ritz state from down the way.

I can get where she's coming from, but they're the best chance? I'm the one that had the idea of escape. None of the others ever thought of trying.

"Guys, does this really matter right now? What's important is the escape. We need to discuss this now, before they come back for daily inspection." Jarron asserts.

I sigh outwardly. "He's right, I suppose. First, we should hash out our plans, and decide on who's all coming with us." I reluctantly state.

"Oh, me, me, I want in!" Shay shouts from my left.

"Of course, you can join in, Shay. You're the person I've known the longest while in here. Besides, most of us are in here for similar reasons, so I consider those people my comrades. And I don't leave comrades behind." I tell him sincerely.

"Woot!"  I hear Shay cheer in reply.

"Yo, don't leave my out, boys!" Ritz enthusiastically adds.

"You as well Ritz. Anyone else want out of here?" I ask the remainder of the cell block.

"Nah kid, thanks, but no thanks. I'm only in here for nicking a high-priced painting. I'm not facing the death penalty, or life in labor. Just gotta serve my sentence in here." I hear the baritone strained voice from before state.

"Well, I'll respect your wishes then comrade, I wish you luck." I tell him in reply.

"Is that all, no one else joining?" I ask again. I'll take the silence as a no.

"Alright then, that's our crew it seems. Jarron, Karina, Shay, Ritz, and I, so that makes five of us overall."

I pause and flash a deviant smile. 

"Well, you all ready to begin the planning?" 

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