A Mind Like Mine: Lock Down

The name is Reighly Cain, age 17. The year is 3027, and the planet I once knew as my home has been taken over by false leaders. They have taken First Earth and it's close inhabitants as hostages, and the people of these planets aren't even aware. I will go to any lengths, and do anything, to expose them for what they truly are.


4. Cell Block: G

"I must admit you have a relatively fair point. However, regarding the reason you are both in here, aren't you two a bit like us usurpers too?" I reply smoothly.

"Ha! Yes, one of us! one of us! one of us!" a voice begins to chant further in the cell block.

"How's it going Shay?" I decide to conversationally ask him, Shay seems like an all right guy, but I'm pretty sure he has cabin fever. Can't blame him at all really. It tends to make one a little loopy.

Shay was thrown in here for causing an uprising in the city of Gorian, around the same time that I was put in here for protesting loudly. Well, extreme protesting.

"Pretty 'kay Reigh!" I hear Shay chirp back in reply.

"We're nothing like you rebellious rats!" Karina snaps back.

"Oh, so now we're rats? Did you hear that Shay? Rats! Well, squeak, squeak, princess." I croon.

"Whoop! If I was a rat, I'd fit through the bars. Freedom!" I hear Shay cheer.

"Wait, are those two's names Karina, and Jarron. And they're siblings?" I hear a low gravelly voice inquire.

Another voice rumbles in reply, “Pretty darn sure they did Mikey!"

"Ah, I recognize those names. Yes, those young 'great' up and coming guards. The Corkines kids, right?" A cracked raspy female voice chimes in.

"Whoa wait, you guys are Corkines. The Corkines?" Dude, that family is a power house, there hasn't been one from that family who haven't held a large position in the major fields.

"We aren't inclined to deny nor confirm that." Jarron curtly replies to me. 

"I'll take that as a yes!" Shay shouts from his cell.

"Oh, I remember now! That dainty, fragile, pretty girl, and her macho man brother, right?" a silky voiced female adds, who I recognize as Ritz, a rather rough but spicy type of girl.

"I don't really care for them, Ritz, but their parents? Now they've got some influence."

"Okay, so we're Dr. Sophia and Ambassador Edward Corkines' offspring. So, what of it?" Karina snips.

"Well, let's just say you both having some higher influence, can come in handy with my master plan. I could always use some allies." I begin to think of all the possibilities, and the advantage I can have.

"Oh, no! No, no! We are not becoming a chess piece to your plans for world domination! I read about you from your file. Reighly Kraskov De Etrima Cain, you and your blasphemous words against the Leaders has started chaos. Also, would you rather us refer to your honorary title of Lord, seeming as you apparently come from a long line of well off aristocrats." Jarron states with a hint of sarcasm.

"Oh, you read my file, how charming. Tell me, after reading my file, do you really believe that this temporary setback, will stop me from reaching my goal?" I ask him.

"Hopefully not. Despite how much of an asshole you seem to be, you seem to need the same thing me and my sister need." Jarron tells me.

"Oh, and what is that, the thing that all three of us need?" I inquire from him.

"To get out of these cells, off this ship, and away from The Leaders' prying eyes. That is what we need, and want." He states to me.

He's right too, I've been meaning to get off this ship and out of this cell for about a good five to six months. So, though we may not like each other. Our first step plans seem to align, this could be proven to be useful.

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