A Mind Like Mine: Lock Down

The name is Reighly Cain, age 17. The year is 3027, and the planet I once knew as my home has been taken over by false leaders. They have taken First Earth and it's close inhabitants as hostages, and the people of these planets aren't even aware. I will go to any lengths, and do anything, to expose them for what they truly are.


3. Cell Block G

"I really don't care who she is to you. We're all currently wards of the prison. Like it matters any longer? By the way, I told you that would happen if you didn't shut up Karina!"

He may have muscles for days and may have a considerable amount of intimidation, but that still doesn't excuse his sister for causing our cell block to get 'special' attention!

"Hey!" he barks back.

"We shouldn't be in here. We don't belong here!" She cries.

"Oh? and why don't you belong here, cupcake, you sure act all high and mighty, but in the end, you're still imprisoned here." Though I truly do wonder how she ended up here, she doesn't seem to be the type.

She's a bit too well kept in appearance to be the typical type. Whether it be rebels like me, or the regular crazy people. She appears high class even, with her straight shiny blonde hair, her manicured finger nails, her well feed or rather healthy figure, and her sun kissed complexion.

Many of us haven't seen the Sun, or UV ray lights in a while. I know she's rather new, but even then, that complexion is a hard one to accomplish without a good significant amount of money. I must admit, she is rather attractive. Her brother is all right, for a guy I suppose.

Now that I strain my neck to see him from my cell, I can see that they are most likely related. Same blonde hair, though his seems thicker, same straight upturned nose, same hazel eyes, and similar complexions even. He's just a regular old Hercules, isn't he?

"Hello!?" She screeches across from me.

"What, woman! What?!" I screech in return to her.

"I've been trying to get your attention to tell you why exactly we don't belong here, since you seemed to want to know so badly. Apparently not though. You've been spaced out for a good while just staring at me, then my brother! What is up with your head you weirdo, are you some type of pervert or something?" She spiels.

No, I just have more interesting things to try to figure out than to listen to your high-pitched voice grating in my ears.

"What, are you suddenly def again?!" Karina shouts at me.

"Okay, fine, you have my attention now! Tell me before I lose interest again. You tend to be boring and repetitive." I smirk.

She clicks her tongue against her teeth in obvious annoyance. “Anyway, as I was saying, I didn't get locked up here for the typical reasons that most of you-"

"Obviously~" I interrupt her to test the waters of her temper.

"As I was saying!" She gives me a pointed stare. I'm at least sure about one major thing regarding miss prissy, is that she can be considerably annoying, and possibly easy to manipulate by using her anger.

"I was put in here because I spoke out against some other guards for what they were doing to this poor old man."

"Really? I find that hard to believe that you spoke. You come across as the silent type, from what I gather from our greatly valued time together." I sarcastically remark. 

"Just hush! Now then, I told them it was wrong to beat up the poor old man for simply being slow to get to his cell. He can't help that. They just sort of stopped and looked at me, then one said, 'If I like them so much, then I should join them.' So, they threw me in here." she finishes. Wait, why was she on this ship to begin with?

"Yo, why were you on this ship to begin with anyway?" She doesn't look like she wants to answer.

"I-I-" she stutters at me, she must be hiding something.

"I was a junior guard. A guard in training." She hangs her head at her own answer, but seriously, her a guard?

"What?" What!

"Hush, would you? no need to alert the whole cell block! She berates me annoyingly.

"What about your brother? Eh, brother dearest? What are you in for eh?!" I annoyingly try to bait him into answering me as I shove my face into my cell's bars and crane my neck to see him. I hear him release an insufferable sigh.

"Fine, but only if it will stop your complaining. I was a full-fledged guard, and was sent out on a mission to go capture another ward to put in the jail. When I got back, I learned of what happened to my younger sister. I went straight to the bridge and asked what happened. The navigator was talking crap about her, and how she was just a stupid privileged whore anyway. So naturally I punched him in the face, and broke his nose." He states like it's nothing.

"Dude, you punched the navigator? He's the one in charge of the ship! You're lucky you didn't just get straight out kicked off, and thrown into space!" This dude must be gutsier then I originally took him for!

"What's your name anyway, Mr. 'I punched the navigator in the face and broke his nose'?" He gives me another painstaking sigh.

"The name is Jarron, and I'm aware of that. I didn't though, because of who Karina and my parents are." Oh, do I smell a privileged kid after all?

"Oh, and who exactly are they, then?" I question.

"I'm not going to tell some usurper my family business." he snaps.

Okay, rude, and here I thought we were becoming fast friends.


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