A Mind Like Mine: Lock Down

The name is Reighly Cain, age 17. The year is 3027, and the planet I once knew as my home has been taken over by false leaders. They have taken First Earth and it's close inhabitants as hostages, and the people of these planets aren't even aware. I will go to any lengths, and do anything, to expose them for what they truly are.


2. Cell Block: G

Cell Block: G


Another day with her useless banging, it isn't going to accomplish anything, but possibly a bruised or broken shoulder. Why couldn't I have been put in cell block A, they're the ones that have been here the longest, they gave up on fighting back a long time ago. If I'm to make my escape and take down the Leaders, I need a cell block that's silent, so that the guards won't be on alert. Her banging will draw attention, which is the exact opposite of what I want.

 Like always, I'm unlucky. They even added extra security because of her!

"Shush, seriously I don't want to have to see the Captain's ugly mug, because of your useless banging!" I mean, can she not find a new hobby?

"It’s not useless, and I'm not going to just sit in here and do nothing!" she retorts.

"Karina, these cells are made of reinforced chromium, you’re not getting anywhere by banging against it!" 

"Well, I can try!"

Can this woman not shut up? "Kari-" I abruptly stop talking once I hear footsteps beyond the doorway.

"What now?!" she practically shrieks.

"If you didn't yell for like, five seconds, maybe you'd hear it."

"Hear what?" she annoyingly asks me.

"You would have heard it if you weren't yelling all the dang time!" I snap.

"I don't get what your trying to-" she gets cut off by an annoying and obnoxious laugh.

"Shi-" Oh, frickin great! Another day of planning ruined by that girl!

"Well, well, well. Look what we've got here!" The Captain of Lock Down mocks. I decide to make a temporary tactical retreat from the argument with Karina and try to play nonchalant, and act like I wasn't talking to her.

"I want out of here Buford!" Karina shouts. 

"Show some respect you little wench!" Captain Buford sneers back at her.

"Why should I show respect for one of the Leaders' lap dogs?!" she screams.

"You better watch how you talk to me! You're only here because you're sixteen and you can't be executed, or forced into labor yet! Though, there is always the option of selling you off to some rich man in need of a good time." he croons. Jeez, can this guy be even more of a cliché villain type?

"How dare you!" I hear shouted from a little way down the hall.

"Who said that!?" The Captain shouts. He walks down the hall and peers around. “Well, no one going to confess?" he questions threateningly.

What's really threatening about him is his face in my own opinion. I can still see that bull dog like face from this distance. One can't miss his bulbous nose on his chunky face, and the toupee he wears in attempt to make himself 'better looking'.

Then there's his clothes, the captain's uniform. All red, save for the outlining in gold, and the captain's medal he wears to show his rank.

The poor dinghy, red and black star, surrounded by a black circle. The once good-looking suit, is marred by his excessive eating. There's stains all over it, either from grease from his food, or the grease he uses to style his toupee. 

How I would love to punch it right off his idiotic head. One-day Reighly, one day. 

"No one going to confess!?" Captain Buford rumbles.

"It was me." The voice from before replies. Oh, it's him. 

"Ah, if it isn't Mr." Buford pauses briefly and scrunches his eyebrows together in apparent confusion. "I have no idea who you are. Who are you? I've never seen you in here before." he inquires.

"I was only recently forced in here." the newly imprisoned states.

"Well, what ya’ in here for boy?" The Captain continues to leer at the newbie, staring him down.

The newbie just stares right back, he doesn't even flinch when Buford gets close, wow now that takes skill to not do, considering Buford's dank breath.

"It's regarding a skirmish with the head navigator, no more, no less. I have no regret of why I'm in here."  Good comrade, because if ya' did, it wouldn't matter. I'm still surprised to see him in such a good shape as he is if it was a fight. Huh, now that's curious. Oh, I am so going to find out.

Buford haughtily laughs. "Well, I shall let you all off the hook, for now. This is the most troublesome cell block, and I don't want to hear anymore ruckus from it. My good will, will not last forever. Next time, and there better not be a next time! You all will have severe consequences. Have fun kiddies!" Buford bellows, then stomps back down the hall and out the entrance to cell block G, and into the main hallway.

"Ugh! Good riddance!" Karina shouts at his retreating back like an idiot.

"Karina! I told you not to confront Captain Buford like that!" the newbie shouts. Oh, so he knows this annoying little bi- "And you!" he points at me, and simultaneously rudely interrupts me.

"Me?" I inquire with an eyebrow raise, and one of my own fingers pointing toward myself.

"Yeah you! don't talk to my little sister that way!"

Oh, so that's it, now this is great. So, mister well-built biceps, mystery man, is the annoying princess's brother, oh the joy.

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