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7. Project Book Keeper

6. Project Book Keeper


It's happened to all of us before, we fall in love with one of the characters from our beloved books. We've all had a connection with the Edwards, Peetas( or Katniss's in my case) and Jaces of our novels. 

In this novel, the roles are reversed. Your character is known as book worm, the outcast of their social group. Your character has always been okay with this, always preferring to go and curl up with a good book instead of going out. One day your character picks up a very special book, one like they've never encountered. As he/she reads, your character begins the familiar process of learning the book world that he/she has chosen to enter. Your character begins learning the book characters and has begun the slow process of falling in love with the protagonist. Half way through the book, your character notices something odd, the words in the book are rearranging right before their very eyes and the protagonist is now in a special room in the book. While in this room, the protagonist can communicate with your character. Slowly but surely the protagonist falls in love with your character. How can this work?



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