The Secret Sister! (Niall Horan Love Story)

Hi my name is Ashely Tomlinson (Ashley Alderslade) Aka AshBear. I'm 18 years old and have a twin brother called Louis Tomlinson Aka Loubear. I can only call him that and if anyone else does ill hit them where it hurts! (No Joke). I do Gymnastics , Dance which means I can do flips and all sorts of things. Like a NINJA really. My Brother is in a Band named One Direction. I Haven't met them as i'm a secret from media and everybody but what happenes one dinner time when Louis and his bandmates are there and she doesntwant to be known.


1. YAY!

                                                                   Ashely's P.O.V

Hi my names Ashely Tomlinson Before you freak out yes i'm Louis's sister and no I haven't met the boys (except from Niall) and why you ask? Well I want to be kept a secret from the media and the boys, Then you ask why again. BECAUSE I DONT LIKE FLIRTING BOYS LIKE HARRY STYLES! There's another thing I met Niall Horan also known as N to me! By accident he caught me in the back garden when I was doing tricks. I told him not to tell anyone about me and he agreed. I got his number and he has mine we text each other all the time were bestie. Louis doesn't even know. "ASHLEY," my mum called

"Coming," I called I ran downstairs to my mum telling me that Louis's coming tomorrow. I started dancing around the house and went straight to bed as I already had my tea. 

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