The Secret Sister! (Niall Horan Love Story)

Hi my name is Ashely Tomlinson (Ashley Alderslade) Aka AshBear. I'm 18 years old and have a twin brother called Louis Tomlinson Aka Loubear. I can only call him that and if anyone else does ill hit them where it hurts! (No Joke). I do Gymnastics , Dance which means I can do flips and all sorts of things. Like a NINJA really. My Brother is in a Band named One Direction. I Haven't met them as i'm a secret from media and everybody but what happenes one dinner time when Louis and his bandmates are there and she doesntwant to be known.


7. will you...

                                                                         Niall's POV

I was walking over to Dominic's , I was ready to dump her. I was walking up the drive to knock on her door. She answered smiling at me.

"hey Dominic," I said to her

"hey, You want to come in," She asked

"no thanks I just wanted to tell you were over."

"what.." she paused "No you cant."

"yes I can you don't own me." I looked at her "BYE,"

I ran off back to Louis house. Went to get something to eat. I saw the one person who I wanted to see.


                                                                     Ashley's POV

A Couple of minutes after I heard the front door slam I went downstairs for something to eat and to find my phone. I found my phone on the counter picked it up and decided to eat some cereal. As I was eating my cereal I decided to go on my phone. As I was finishing the door slammed again and someone walking into the kitchen.

"psst" an Irish Accent spoke

"What," I whispered.

He came over to me and whispered, "Willyougoonadatewithme" and because I could understand that I got up and pulled him up with me, I smashed my lips into his!

When we pulled apart "Well I guess that was a yes."



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