The Secret Sister! (Niall Horan Love Story)

Hi my name is Ashely Tomlinson (Ashley Alderslade) Aka AshBear. I'm 18 years old and have a twin brother called Louis Tomlinson Aka Loubear. I can only call him that and if anyone else does ill hit them where it hurts! (No Joke). I do Gymnastics , Dance which means I can do flips and all sorts of things. Like a NINJA really. My Brother is in a Band named One Direction. I Haven't met them as i'm a secret from media and everybody but what happenes one dinner time when Louis and his bandmates are there and she doesntwant to be known.


6. Telling Louis The Truth

                                                                                 Ashley's POV
                                                The Next Day!

I woke up early in the morning did my morning routine. That's when I heard someone coming up the stairs. They Knocked on my door. I shouted "Come in."

The person who came in the room was Louis my twin. He asked "what has been up these pass 2 days?"

I looked into his eyes and I told him. Your probably wondering what? Well since were twins we can look into each others eyes and talk. I also think it is good because then I can talk to him without anyone eavesdropping.  

"I have feelings for Niall" I say through my eyes.

He replies with "Niall likes you too," As he said that he hit his head and ran out of my room.

I was sat there speechless I had no clue what to say. I was just sat there like a mad woman with my eyes popping out of my head and my legs crossed. Out of nowhere Niall came in my room. I looked at him and fake smiled. I had this question in my head If he likes me then why is he going out with HER!? I needed to ask him.



"Why do you go out with Dominic?"

He looked down and said "I met her when I was at a club we started talking and became good friends," he paused and looked at me, "Dominic then said that I had to go out with her for some reason."

I looked down from his eyes "probably to make me jealous," I muttered hoping he didn't hear. After about a minute he walked out of the door.

                                                                  Niall's POV
"Niall?" She asked


"Why do you go out with Dominic?" She Asked/Replied

I looked down and said "I met her when I was at a club we started talking and became good friends," I paused and looked at her ,"Dominic then said I had to go out with her for a reason."

She looked down and I heard her mutter "Probably to make me jealous." About a minute later I walked out. I decided I was going to Dominic's to break up with her... And then to tell Ashybear my beloved feelings for her


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